Did you experience difficulty in decision-making?

As teens or in their 20s, it is generally difficult to make decisions when all alone. Decision-making can keep you under stress or sometimes it can overwhelm you. However, one should rely on reality rather than virtual truth. Also, your circumstances will help you in decision-making as they will show you the correct scenario. If you do not come to a decision then it will be wrong and if you make the wrong decision; it can harm you. Therefore, instead of becoming hasty, follow these steps and it may help you in better decision making.

  • Know your facts: Only algorithms or numbers do not work most of the time. Assumptions are baseless and you need something concrete to rely on. Hence, always have a fact check. Gather all the facts relative to your plan or aspirations and lay them straight in front of you. Facts will help you in correct decision-making.
  • Analyze the risk factors: Well, we don’t mean to sound negative here. But, there are two sides to the coin and one must know both sides very well. You must not make impulsive decisions at any cost, knowingly. Before jumping on to some conclusions, study the pros and cons along with their risk factors. This is a much-needed requirement for you before decision-making.
  • Are there any options? If plan A fails then do you have plan B in hand to follow? You need to carefully think about each step and look for an alternative if there. Sometimes, you can get wrong on your predictions of the outcomes. Hence you must think of alternatives with a valid perspective. You must have a plan of action ready with you just in case the previous one fails.
  • Avoid stressful situations: Our heart often fails to intimate us when under stress. Therefore, avoid making hasty decisions when you are under some kind of pressure. Take some time off and spend some time with yourself. Let your heart get back to a normal rhythm and your mind at ease. Let your intuitions speak to you and then consider yourself ready for decision making.
  • Relevant path and appropriate actions: When you finish analyzing the good and the bad, pick up a path to walk on. If you have decided to follow a path then do not turn back. Make your actions larger than your words. Leave back your anxiety and keep your focus on walking on your decided path. Do what is best for you and your surroundings.
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Decision-making often leads you to a state of dilemma where there are a lot of confusions and fear. Stay strong, talk to experienced people, move ahead and try to achieve what you wished for. The Collegebol platform is right here to help you in decision-making. Therefore, we can connect with each other via our counseling page. Let’s connect.

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