Are you the one who is a great communicator or an extrovert in the group? Do you consider yourself a good communicator? Communication skill is very important these days. The flair for speaking is not something that everyone has. It is just not about speaking flowery but it has more than that. A toned voice, facial expressions, gestures, and much more adds to good communication skills to make it look natural. If you are a good listener and put your thoughts forward in such a way that people can engulf it then these career options are for you.

  • Customer Service Representative: A position that you will often see at various brand shops and much in demand also. You do not need a great qualification for this position. However, product knowledge is important. Most big companies provide training for this position that will be relevant to their brand. A pleasing personality, smiling face, and clear verbal communication are sufficient to make you capable of this position.


  • Financial Advisor: Along with being a communicator and having done your study in finance; you can take up a job as a financial advisor. Investment is a big challenge these days. If you have a good knowledge of finance and an extrovert person too then people will love talking to you about their financial plans. Along with good personality and communication; correct knowledge of finance is a must.


  • Sales Person: Salespeople are one of the most important ones for their company. Their ability to convince customers will help them generate more sales. Your skills of communication and extrovert nature will help the company complete the sales target. It takes great effort to sell and get money from customers. Hence, only if you can speak well then you can sell well.
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  • School counselors: Parents are very keen on taking admission of their child in the school.  Hence they will decide on it only after meeting the school staff and seeing the infrastructure of the school. To make a parent understand the benefit of taking admission in that particular school is a task. One can achieve that if they can behave firm yet friendly with the parent. Hence having an excellent command of the language, good communication skills, and an extrovert personality play an important role here.


  • Nurses: A good communicator must try their hands on nursing as a career. Why? It is because nurses can reduce the pain and worry of her patient if they can give a gentle smile and speak a few words with him/her. Health-related problems are depressing sometimes. Therefore consider it as an option if you have a kind heart and extrovert personality.

Communications skill plays a great role in your life. We had one live expert’s session on the importance of communication skills with an expert/ Collegebol counselor. Do hear her and you shall figure out its importance. If you want to know more about it then you can get in touch with us.

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