Hey! Looking for a job?

Are you a fresher or looking for some change in the field?

Well, we’d say that one of the best platforms for today’s youth is nothing but LinkedIn. Well, well, we are definitely not promoting the platform here but we have seen the way it is providing opportunities to all who are looking forward to it. We are on LinkedIn and we have seen that many youth and professionals have their accounts here. The scopes and opportunities are available here widely  Here are some reasons that why you should have a LinkedIn account.

  • Did you know that recruiters are really active here? They post requirements and hiring through this platform. You can have your account here and find the domain that best suits you. Through this, you can connect with a larger mass and look for ‘n’ number of opportunities.
  • If you are new to the market and struggling to make recognition for your brand or yourself then this is the best place. Marketing and connectivity are easy here. As you are in touch with a larger group of people, your brand can get better recognition here.
  • You know what; you can be in direct touch with the CEOs and the founder/co-founder of the companies. The people on this platform have a quite professional approach. Therefore recruiters want to stay here more in comparison to other platforms. Hence the process of looking for someone with the qualities that they are looking for is a little easier. You can get in touch with them and expand your network.
  • The other important fact is that it is easy to have your page ranked on Google as compared to your website.
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Don’t laugh at it. We are serious. As you get more traffic on LinkedIn, the probability that visitors will make numbers on your page through LinkedIn will increase comparatively.

  • Your connections with professionals/ owners/ founders will help you update yourself about the current trend. However, it is always good to stay updated.
  • Better engagement, superb networking, and staying updated are the key to success. With good communication, you can connect with like-minded people.  It will not only help you achieve your professional goal but also build a better relationship.

If you are looking forward to achieving any of these then you can just go and try it out on LinkedIn. Nevertheless, the Collegebol platform is always there to address your queries. To know more about our methods that will help you out, do visit our website and look out for the counseling page.

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