Did you know that the food industry makes use of amazing marketing tactics to promote the product they may or may not be healthy?  Our expert, Ms. Ramyasri Vir with us who will tell us more about how these gimmicks are used to lure us to have their food. She is a B. Com graduate and has worked as customer support in a US-based company called 24X7 for around 2 years. She is associated with the Collegebol platform as a counselor who can guide you in taking up the path she is being on.

How marketing plays a huge role in  promoting junk food

There is a huge impact on people due to marketing tactics to consume junk food. Some of the giant companies do that massively and it is greatly influencing the health of people and especially children. Consumption of junk food is majorly affecting their behavior. 5% of the population is obese and 25% is overweight due to junk food consumption.

How are food giants getting footfalls?

Wall-mart India: They offer competitive prices for the product as compared to the local market here.

McDonald’s was a toy-making company that later entered the food industry. They give away toys along with the food to attract children.

 Kinder Joy: They also give a surprise toy to children at the opening of the packet. These gimmicks or marketing tactics largely attract the younger generation.

The use of color and designs of the packaging attracts a lot. Their way of giving away coupons and offers are attracting college and school-going students a lot.

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What type of marketing course students can take up to build their career in the food industry?

There are many courses that students can take up.

  • Start their business in the food industry
  • Endeavor in the food and health industry
  • Child nutrition and cooking
  • Weight management beyond balancing calories

How do students prepare for these kinds of courses at an early age?

  • Start participating in extracurricular activities at a school level.
  • Take interest in cooking
  • Keep a keen eye on different recopies

They can take up internships for the same during their college duration and learn more.

Moreover, case studies will give a lot of insights to the ones who are studying marketing. Learning with examples will make a lot of difference in understanding.

The overall content, designs, display, offers, and strategy is all that matter to have great marketing tactics. She says that marketing is one of the growing careers and it has a lot of prospects. It is one of the best ways to build their future.

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