Going for an interview for the first time?



Well, let us get you to know some common interview questions. Let us also tell you that how you should answer them. You know them probably because you have had a look at a number of sites for this. Interviews are a nightmare for a fresher sometimes. It’s like they do not ask anything about your studies but something else. Some interview questions are standard ones and are asked by almost all employers. Hence, let’s peep into some of them and get to know what you should answer.

  • What interests you to have this job? OR, why do you want this job?

Did you know that this is the most common interview question among many? Therefore, make sure that you don’t baffle them here. The organization wants to know that what makes you apply to them. Hence, see that you know about the organization you are applying to. Also, try to do some research on the job role. Figure out and tell them the features and areas of interest that provoked you to apply.

  • Do you have any weaknesses? What are they?

It’s time to play honestly here. We are humans and it is natural to have a weakness. Hence, the interviewers want to know them. We never think of our weaknesses as such. Therefore, focus on what you struggle with. Tell them about it and also mention what you are doing to overcome them. By saying this, you are developing a trust that you have the tendency to work out on worst things positively.

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
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This is again an opportunity to share your dreams and aspiration with them. You can tell them about your goals that you want to achieve in the future.  Do speak about the kind of life that you wish to have in the future. Most importantly, relate your goals with your current role and go ahead.

  • Tell us something about yourself.

Compile all the strong points that you have and present them very nicely to them. Tell them about your hobbies, likes, and dislikes. You can also share any great experience that you had in the past.  Do speak about your present situation and what you did to get here.

  • Would you like to ask anything?

Here are certain things that you should ask if they ask you the above question

  1. About work environment
  2. Reporting time
  3. Reporting person
  4. Working environment
  5. Future scopes


We hope that this article brings a lot of insight regarding the common interview questions. Do you have any questions for us? You can take this opportunity and put your questions in the comment below. We are happy to answer.

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