Wondering what will Internet of things do for the education sector? For the ever evolving education sector, IoT (Internet of Things) will be the next big revolution. IoT has a huge potential and will help make a lot of changes and benefit the education industry.

  1. Security – A huge step brought by IoT will be automatic attendance. This will save time and effort of students. During school did you also dread the unending roll calls for attendance? This tech will end that entire process all together. At the same time keep the teachers and parents informed about the whereabouts of the student. Though the question of privacy is a big one, with proper administration it has a huge potential.
  2. Personalized learning experience – The teachers will be able to monitor the learning of each student. Based on data, they can see the learning pattern, ability, and interests of students. Hence, the teachers will be able to make a customized career path for students.
  3. Text book enhancement – The speed at which everything is growing is unimaginable. In this case, the textbooks keep updating after a certain time. This leads to endless expenses on textbooks for students. IoT will enable students to directly download the textbooks directly. In fact, it will be environmentally friendly and save money as well.
  4. Smart classrooms – This is the future of learning. The schools and colleges will have smart classrooms with VR enabled screens. These will have a personalized experience for every student. They will be able to see it on their individual screens and access it on their own pace. Teachers can also post assignments and projects and control it as well. This will take the learning experience to the next level.
  5. Aid special needs students – IoT is the solution which can help specially abled students to learn with everyone. Voice can be converted to text, for students with hearing impairment. Likewise, for the visually impaired students, the text can be converted to voice. Furthermore, these students will not have to attend separate schools. The kids will be able to feel equal and their disability will not be a limiting factor for them.
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Internet of things is undoubtedly the technology which will revolutionize the way we learn. It is going to be a boon for educators, students, and learners. The disparity between the students will reduce. The personalized learning will encourage more students to pursue a field of their choice. The new way of learning will bring more passionate people, following a path of their interest.

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