It’s even difficult to list the most bizarre things of 2020. The year has been nothing less than crazy!! We appreciated times when we no more had to wake up early morning to go to college. But later we realized that we were rather trapped. Along with GDP crash and loss of thousands’ life, some more odd events took place which had no connection with the pandemic. 

  1. The Pentagon’s love at first sight story with UFOs: 

U.S Department of Defense released a video of unidentified aerial objects which we call UFOs. I guess aliens wanted to say Hi but we weren’t welcoming enough to host them. 

2. A New Planet was discovered by a High-School Kid: 

Yes! On his third day of internship with NASA, a 17-year-old high school student discovered a new planet that is 6.9 times larger than earth. All we did in our high school was annoying our moms, didn’t we?

3. Megan Markle and Prince Harry gave up the dream life: 

We love fairytales where the prince rescues the girl, they marry and live in the castle happily ever after. Well, this didn’t come true for Sussex because their royal couple decided to resign from the throne. It’s very bold but disheartening at the same time.  

4. A massive star went missing:

It was surprising but not unexpected that 2020 affected even the celestial objects. A star that was studied by astronomers for years just went missing without any evidence. Maybe the black hole was too hungry, it gulped down the star. 

5. Murder hornets made their way to the US: 

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Back in May 2020, a terrifying winged creature called ‘Murder Hornets’ were found in the States. These insects release venom in the human body through their bites. A normal human is supposed to survive 2 bites of this new species. 

6. A monkey stole COVID samples: 

In one of the largest government hospitals of Uttar Pradesh, a monkey attacked a lab technician and took away blood samples to be tested for COVID-19. Even monkeys were curious to know what virus has defeated humankind. 

7. Elon Musk named his son X AE A-12!:

I still can’t memorize the pronunciation. It might be a hint by Elon Musk that a lot more complicated and weird things were forthcoming in the year. We didn’t actually get the reason behind this name. 

8. The mysterious disappearance of Kim Jong-un:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was assumed to be dead due to his mysterious disappearance from the media. Serious allegations were framed about the death of the leader. But it turned out to be FALSE!!

9. Reverse Waterfall in Australia: 

Many weird climate changes were observed this year like a fire tornado in California and a reverse waterfall in Australia. With wind spinning over 70 km/h many waterfalls in Royal National Park near Sydney literally started moving upwards. 

10. We lost Tik Tok and Pub G : 

Amongst political tensions between India and China, no idea about China but Indians surely suffered. The only time killers in quarantine, Tiktok and Pub G waved their bon voyage along with all major Chinese applications.   

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