What do you think about this recent Netflix show? What’s your take on U.S elections? Are you aware of this cool videogame? Being a student, you need to have an opinion on everything. Every student needs to have smart yet intellectual thinking habits.  

An ordinary teenager has access to more information than a whole ancient empire, just with a smartphone and internet connection. Adding to the pool of information, social media came into existence for sharing those phrases of information with your friends and family.  

It just went wrong where we were embedded with the habit of instant gratification without our conscious consent. 

You didn’t click ‘Allow’ when social media applications asked you for permission to make you impatient and arrogant. Did you? Social media in order to make you social requires abrupt shifts in your thinking patterns.

It pushes you to think critically, interrogating every piece of information, impulsive actions, instant response, etc.  

The studies explain this pattern as imposed. You tried out every trend of Instagram, but did you really want to perform? Digital habits are coming very near to reflexes. We can’t get out of bed without checking our phones in the morning. We can’t keep our DSLR picture to ourselves

Altering habits of mind isn’t simple, it takes persistence in reminding your brain to be alright with adversity and accepting opportunities to do so. If your brain is rewarded instead of being labeled as right or wrong, we can be better in developing the habits of our mind.

The shift of the thinking habits from knowing things to not leaving them without interpreting and concluding isn’t small. Older times appreciated thoughts more than information and sources more than platforms to find value. Those sources delivered information to use and not store. 


With the abundance of exposure to information, conversations on the internet need to be more thoughtful, enduring, and collaborating instead of making bar graphs on everything.

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