We take some things too seriously and ignore things that matter. Finding our passion, we left our happiness behind. Life is how you lived, not how much. There are zillions of little things around which fetch you happiness, take a moment to notice them. Let’s take the reverse journey from study pressures and future plans to find bliss in little moments. 

  1. Gardening: Living amongst greens is an adventure. Every morning you have something to execute; trimming bushes, watering plants, clearing flower beds, and talking to plants. Don’t tell me you don’t talk to your plants!! Well, it sounds crazy but they are better listeners than your best friend. 
  2. Knitting: It’s a practice you can’t stop once you start. Do you wonder why your dadi/nani was hooked to it? It’s addictive! It’s peaceful and not as easy as it seems. Try if you can make cute stuff along with treating your soul with a break.
  3. Daily baths: Baths seem like an ordinary routine we prefer to skip in winters but if you notice, it really calms you down and releases happy hormones. You won’t be able to stick to your negative thoughts when you shower.  
  4. Face Time: No phones allowed!! Just sitting with people and jamming to old songs sounds so filmy! But well, that’s where you really can tell that you are happy. 
  5.  Polymer clay: All of us have had this tool of happiness once in our childhood. Those colors and our inner artist showered us with unbeatable comfort. This tool still works! We just think it’s too kiddish to try.
  6. A new pen pal: I remember writing my best friend’s name in every letter I practiced in middle school. That friend is just a text away but I still try to mail her a letter at times. Trust me it’s a must-try!! Surprise your best friend or find a pen pal online.  
  7. Making the soup: It’s no secret we love soup. The entire process: the chopping, the simmering, the seasoning, and, of course, the sipping. There is something deeply soothing and enriching about warm broth full of veggies. Healthy for the body and mind too 😉
  8. Scrabble: It passes hours without realizing when you get going with scrabble with your favorite person. Next time you play it, do not forget to fight over “ That’s not even a word!” That light argument is a mandatory part of the game. 

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There’s an idea, central to Buddhism, is that nothing lasts. If something bad is happening, you can take comfort in registering the happiness delivered by these little things and knowing that things will eventually get better; and if something good is happening, you can’t take it for granted. 

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