Do you find anything positive about the year 2020 other than COVID positive?

Hahaha…… It’s not at all funny haa…. But yes there are many positive instances that took place in the year 2020. However, in the havoc of pandemics, we have probably missed noticing them. Every coin has two sides and so is with this year. We agree that the year 2020 has to be not so good for many but it also has shown some of its good sides. Do you want to have a look at it? Here’s what we have noticed and you too can have a look at it.

  • Unleashed the real heroes: We know that doctors, nurses, police, and armies are an important part of any nation. But we took the time to realize that. It is only in this pandemic that we understood who the real heroes of our nation are. Hats off to all these brave people who stood by the nation.
  • Getting closer to nature: people during the lockdown understood the worth of nature. Many people took the initiative of planting trees and the data suggests that more trees were planted during this time than any other in many years.
  • Pollution: wasn’t it a surprise to know the fall in the percentage of carbon emission in these many years? Yes, as the industries were shut down and vehicles were not running, the level of carbon dioxide and other pollutants went down in the atmosphere. The year 2020 saw some fresh and pure air that was never seen before.
  • Mental health awareness: we always spoke about mental health and its importance. However, many people got mentally affected due to the pandemic.  Hence, mental health awareness conversation rose and more people came forward to talk about it.
  • The pink Flamingos: remember the flamingos? Thousands of flamingos made their way to Mumbai in the year 2020. What a beautiful view it was! The pink layer over the sea was truly mesmerizing. Never in the past had such an incident taken place.
  • Learned new skills: we think that almost everyone in the house has learned something new in the year 2020. Some became a chef and someone turned into a baker. While some clicked pictures and mastered it while some became a painter. Most of us has learned at least one new skills in the year 2020
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Do you think that the year 2020 was a boon or a bane? Did you come across anything that was positive for this year? Do share with us in the comment below. Follow us for any information related to education or counseling.

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