We always want to gift something exclusive and valuable to our close ones but you can never tell if your gift will stand out amongst all others. Handmade crafts always hold more value than readymade gifts from the market. Here are some spectacular gift ideas to make your special one’s day even more special:

1. Marbles clay dishes

Supplies: colored oven bake clay, plastic clay knife, oven-safe ramekin bowls, gold-colored liquid, rolling pin (Belan), a large jar.


  1. Make snakes of different colored clay. Do not worry about the thickness or length of the snakes. 
  2. Mix those colored snakes to make a multicolored clay snake. 
  3. Press down the combined clay snake into a multicolored clay ball. 
  4. Use a rolling pin (Belan) to roll out the marble ball. Do it as if you are making roti of that clay. 
  5. Cut down the dish according to your size preference using a jar and clay knife. 
  6. Paint the border if you wish to with the golden liquid and allow it to dry. 
  7. Place your dish into an oven-safe bowl of the perfect size and bake it for around 15 minutes at 130 degrees C. 


  1. Milk Candles

Supplies: Wax (can use crayons, beeswax, or old candles.), Wicks, Scissors, Double broiler, Dairy Pure Milk, Extra Scent if desired. 


a. Place the wax in the pan to melt

b. After the wax is melted, add milk and scent if desired

c.Pour melted wax into the jar

d. Place the wick(cotton string to light the candle) into the jar (May want to tape the wick to a pencil or something to make sure it stays in the center of the jar while drying

e. After the wax has hardened, trim wick to the desired size, light, and enjoy!

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  1. Mini Pallet Coasters

Supplies: 15 Popsicle sticks(ice cream candy sticks) per coaster, Wood glue or glue gun, Ruler & pencil or marker, Scissors. 


a.Trim Your Popsicle Sticks into a uniform size; cut the curved edges from both sides.

b.Make the base of the coaster with two horizontal supporters and three vertical base tombs (as shown in the picture below). 

c.Glue all the sticks.

d.Finish the edges with sandpaper. (optional)

e.Paint according to your style. 


  1. Yarn Ball Bookmark

Supplies: Balls of yarn, scissors.


a.Cut a 15cm and a 30cm length of yarn and set aside. Holding the end in your hand, start winding it around three fingers firmly but not too tightly.

b.Carefully slide the yarn loops off your fingers and place them across the 15cm length of wool. Tie this length tightly in a knot around the middle.

c.Carefully cut through the loops with a pair of sharp scissors

d.Fluff the pom into a ball and then shape it with scissors, turning it around continually as you snip. Be careful not to snip off the long bookmark tail.


  1. Peppermint Candy Spoons 

Supplies: Freezer bags, rolling pin (belan), spoon mold, cookie sheet. 


a.Crush peppermint flavored candies into a freezer bag using a rolling pin (belan).

b.Pour the crushed candy powder into the spoon mold. 

c.Bake the candy spoons for 10-15 mins in a 300-degree preheated oven and take them out. 

d.Bake again for 5-10 mins until it melts. Let it cool in the molds before you remove the mold. 

e. Remove the mold very carefully so that you don’t break the candy spoon. 

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