Karenca is a graduate in Telecommunication Engineering in the year 2018 from NMIS and working with one of the leading companies called Ernst and Young. She is going to go abroad for her higher studies.

Please share your journey with us from being a student to a corporate

Engineering has become a part of life today. For each and every field, one would need engineering in their life. She believes that one should not restrict oneself to technological jobs only. Management is very much important and it has equal weightage when it comes to working.

What is the scope of engineering management?

It is a mix of engineering and management. One has the opportunity to take up a managerial position in a technology firm. You get to play the role of a management person with broader knowledge and experience along with technical know-how. MBA would restrict you to more of a finance company but having tech knowledge, you would have more opportunities.

How students would know the future of engineering management.

Students should be able to adapt to the changes. Once computer science was booming but now data is the trending field. One has to keep oneself updated by doing various online short courses and develop different skills. Keep eye on the news and stay updated. Learn from youtube videos if you cannot do the course online or otherwise.

What is the reality of the corporate sector and how you adapted?

In college, you have a friend to help and guide you. At times it can only be a matter of losing 2 or more marks in the project but when it comes to the corporate sector, it is different. There is no backup. You are answerable to your client. When it comes to learning, it is faster in a corporate as compared to college. In a corporate you are pretty much you are on your own

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What are the courses students can take up?

Do a data-based course. Keep up with the trending courses. At times students do not keep up with the change in technology and that would keep them lagged behind. As of now, Python, SQL, Angular is trending hence students can take up such courses.

Students of 12th grade should keep an eye on educational websites. Based on their interest which they will come to know as they study, they should take up some useful courses. Also, it is advisable for students to take up internships so that they get better exposure and practical knowledge. The internship will help candidates know about themselves. Accordingly further it will help them to know their interest and decide their future.

Has COVID changed the situation for you?

She was supposed to travel in August which got postponed. However, the job market has reduced. The income has reduced for the company hence there is a drop in the recruitment sector. Although, for IT companies, the work from home transformation is running quite smooth but may not be true for all the sectors.

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