Mr. Sarthak Gupta has done B. Tech with Computer Science and Engineering. At present, he is working as an app developer at MCR Corporation. He is exploring his interest in blockchain and getting closer to it. He has attended and was a part of many webinars and seminars related to it.

What exactly is the blockchain industry about?

It is cryptographically secured language technology. It is a systematically distributed digital ledger. It is like a peer to peer network. One can make transactions without intermediates.

The hashing algorithm is used for security purposes. If one tries to hamper it then it is easy to track it out. It has various uses in health care, insurance, banking, and much more. It was initially used for making Bitcoin transactions and security. Bitcoin is a digital currency.

Is it safe to deal with cryptocurrency?

It is very safe. Blockchain ignores the middle person hence it is much secured. In many countries, people are using bitcoins. They have their wallets where these cryptocurrencies are stored. Everything stays on the phone and it is much secured.

What is the future of blockchain?

When it was introduced in 2008, not many people knew about Bitcoins and blockchain. There were many other applications dealing with it. LinkedIn has notified that the job opportunity will arise in the blockchain industry. It is very much used in financial services in India. Other health care, public sector, and insurance industries make use of blockchain systems. Few governments make use of blockchain in land transactions.

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What are the different currencies that a blockchain has?

Triple, stellar, and Bitcoin are the type of cryptocurrencies.  There is Bitcoin cash.

Are there any specialized courses for blockchain?

There are many courses that are paid as well as free on the internet. One can also learn from Youtube. Students can build a skill set, look for connections, and participate in hackathons, and get ideas on blockchain transformations.

Which are the best cryptocurrencies that one can have?

There are many ones that can have but nothing in specific. You can compare the price variation to the Share market.

India is growing rapidly in the blockchain sector. Many industries and organizations are relying on the blockchain. The Government of India has legalized the use of cryptocurrency. Many cities and start-ups are coming up with the idea of blockchain. It is a digital technology hence it is growing everywhere.

Students can connect and grow their network with the people and experts from this industry. Mr. Sarthak gave quite an insightful session on blockchain and he has cleared many doubts about the blockchain.

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