Dr. Biswas Basnet is a young physician and he has shared some nice information for aspirants of the medical field. He has done his MBBS from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Science in Gangtok. Dr. Biswas was awarded as the best upcoming physician and is a successful physician as of now. Although, he believes in treating his patients with compassion and care. Click here to watch this live session.

Are as many opportunities available in the medical field even today?

Health care is important and the pandemic has proved it well. The ratio of doctors to people in India is very low. Also, towns and rural areas have very little access to health care. And, there is a shortage of medical care in every part of our country. Even in the coming 100 years, the gap cannot be filled due to the rising population. It is difficult to fill the gap in spite of many efforts that the Government is making.

What is the best age to start preparation to get into the medical field?

Most of us aspire to become a doctor. He shared his experiences of hardship and competition prevailing in India. There are lakhs of applicants to compete for thousands of medical seats. The level of competition is very high and the standard keeps on increasing day by day. Aspirants study for nearly 15 hours a day to stand in the competition. Some of the students start as early as in class 7. He says that there are no set of facts or methods of preparation.

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Are internships important in the medical field?

Internships are important in every field. In medicine, internships give your clinical and practical exposure. He says that interns are actually hindrances (smirks). An internship here helps in complementing the theory that you have learned. Therefore, one will learn a lot from the internship. He/ she will learn about the condition and its solution rather than thinking about the steps that lead to such a condition. Theoretical part in a conscious mind and hence, one can learn a practical approach. Therefore, you will learn to think quickly in internships.

How one can go for specialization after completing MBBS?

He says that having a choice is a little difficult. Not everyone will go for specialization. Hence, to go up in the hierarchy, MD/ MS is important to study. Students also opt for DNB after MBBS. Students have to appear for NEET PG and according to ranks and your preferences, you get admission. An internship helps in knowing the area of your interest. However, depending upon the score and counseling session, you get to do the course of your choice. MD/MS always remains a preferred choice in comparison to DNB. Private colleges are expensive to study and only a few can afford to study there. Hence, ranks and luck will determine your course in MD/MS.

Can you share some tips to prepare for NEET or NEET PG?

  • Just study no matter what
  • Make a smart move
  • Follow YouTube videos for a good understanding
  • Study with strategy and planning
  • Refer to past papers and figure out predominant questions
  • There are no short cuts or no specific ways
  • All that matters is hard work.
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