There is a buzz about Internet of Things recently. It is the big thing currently and is getting bigger. But what is Internet of things? How does it work in real life?

Internet of things, or IoT is an arrangement of interrelated figuring gadgets, mechanical and advanced machines, articles, creatures or individuals that are furnished with exceptional identifiers (UIDs).  They hold the capacity to move information over an organization and do not require human-to-human or human-to-PC cooperation. IoT is the network of devices. Internet connects these devices. It includes various different objects of shapes and sizes. For example, for training purposes the footballs have sensors which show the speed and distance of the ball hit.

Internet of Things platform is connected to the devices via in built sensors. This platform integrates data and uses analytics to give the consumer very specific and valuable data. The analytics decides the essential information. In fact, patterns and recommendations are generated based on the information.

The information from devices is in real-time. It helps to make smart and informed decisions. At the same time also saves a lot of money and times. For example, a building can install a system and get information about consumption of different devices and time period of consumption as well. They can access all information on their smart phones and even control the functioning of these devices like switching on air conditioners even when you aren’t in the building just with a couple of clicks on your smart phone.

Currently IoT is essential to businesses. It reduces cost and efforts. IoT automates the entire processes in businesses. It cuts expenses and waste. It improves the service quality and is very efficient. Also, smart homes are just the beginning of the immense power and potential of IoT. In fact, it has the potential to change the way businesses function. Along with automation they can provide valuable analytics which will help generate even more revenue. They can integrate and adapt the different business models as well. It gives new strategies and helps businesses rethink their approach.

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This idea of connected devices was in air since the 1970’s. Kevin Ashton the co-founder Auto- ID centre in MIT, conceptualized IoT for the first time. Furthermore, the actual growth and boom of IoT began in 2010. This technology is here to stay, and has amazing potential.

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