How about getting to know about a career in law with someone who is already in that domain. Let’s hear Mr. Kanay Pisal who has done his internships in a few of the Law firms. He had been awarded from Law school, and the Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of Gujarat. There are many aspiring Law students or who are currently doing Law who may want to know many things. Hence we have this expertise to guide you and tell you more about the Law as a career.

Mr. Kanay made up his mind when he was in grade 10 and so he was looking for several options. He loves communication and interaction and that is how he narrows down the choices and opted for Law. He decided to give CLAT when he was in grade 10.

Kanay has appeared for CLAT that is accepted throughout the country. There are also other few private universities that conduct exams and he has given them too. CLAT is a gateway to many reputed universities. He said that he scored very well and that is how he landed up in the college of his choice.

Please share some tips/ hacks on clearing the entrance exam

  • Go for smart work rather than hard work
  • Read more. Read books and newspapers.
  • Improve upon reading speed.
  • Have better proficiency in the English language.

Should one go to coaching classes or one can do preparations from home?

One can do it at home but it is better to have professional guidance. As there is so much competition, it is beneficial to have guidance from experts who can streamline your preparation. It will help in covering the integrities of the examination which you may miss out when doing at home. It is recommended to have a teacher but if not possible then can take up online classes.

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Do you think an online Law internship will help Law students?

It will help you but a physical one will add value to your Law internship. You can connect with your colleagues or fellow associated better if you are present to work with them. In an online internship, you don’t know the dynamics of that workplace hence it may become difficult. as far as experience is concerned, one can go for it. However, in terms of recruitment in the future, an online Law internship is not recommended.

How to build a CV to get into a good internship?

  • The pointers should be in line with the opportunity that you are seeking to have.
  • Write an experience that reflects your area of work that you are looking for.
  • The courses or certificates that you have should be on the same line with your work profile.

How do you remember so many Law sections so easily?

It can be chaotic and lead to confusion but following a habit of reading will help in figuring out. You can always connect articles and sections over and over again to make it a habit. Once you develop this habit, you can easily relate situations with sections and eventually, it will occur to you naturally.

Develop this approach as early as possible to gain mastery over it by the time you finish Law.

How Law internships in Tier 1 Law firm do helps in recruitment?

Tier 1 firms have a higher standard of scale in terms of operation. You are likely to get better monetary incentives but it does not always get better recruitment opportunities. Instead, go with a firm that will complement your future prospectus. You should see to it that the internship that you take up aligns with your area of interest.

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Tier 1 has many interns that are eager to work with them. Hence there are chances that you do not get work of your interest. Hence you have to specifically connect with the associate and let them know their area of interest.  At times you get work from other offices as per your interest. Understand, evaluate, and tactfully put forward your concern.

Basically, it is important to develop interpersonal relationships besides doing work in the organization.

Has anything changed for lawyers post COVID?

The industry has taken a hit especially people working at a lower scale. Many cases presently are lying due to the situation. It will depend upon the extent to which we will have to continue with e-filing and e-hearing. However, it is logistically feasible but it all depends upon the situation ahead.

The government has taken some liberal steps post-COVID. At present it difficult to get opportunities for internships. On the contrary, some of Tier 1 is giving away bonuses and hiring more people. Hence the time will tell rightly about the situation.

Practical learning cannot replace virtual learning. Higher education is missing that at the moment due to the COVID scenario. There are some negative impacts but hopes are always there and we hope to fall into a better situation in the future.

If you wish to connect with us and know about how education or career opportunities will be available for you then you can follow us. Have your questions answered rightly with our peer counselors and clear your confusion.

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