While watching an interview with the CMO of Nykaa, Mr. Hitesh Malhotra, he mentions his style of recruiting the best marketeers, and I was stunned. He conveyed that he doesn’t ask only job-related questions. He always starts the interview with general questions like “What’s your opinion about upcoming elections?” That is where your worth is valued by the outer world. School, College, or Corporate, your presence is valued on the basis of your knowledge and opinion of the current affairs. 

Here are the 5 best sources to keep you updated:

  • Business Standard 

Being one of the most trustable brands, Business Standard delivers 30 exclusive and well-structured posts a day on their webpage. Since 1998, the website has expanded its means of reaching out in the form of blogs, social media posts, inbox pings, etc. BS helps you understand General News, Market Analysis, Financial News, Politics, Sports & Nation Affairs.

  • The Hindu

Daily newspapers are the best source of knowledge. If it’s confusing you which newspaper to rely on for honest and unbiased reports, The Hindu is the choice. The Hindu is the fastest growing English daily for the fourth time in a row this year. You can subscribe to the paper or e-newspaper for a blissful reading experience. For real-time updates, The Hindu has its own dynamic website and an app on google play store to avail you of the updates anytime, anywhere.  

  • Inshorts

If long articles and newspapers don’t attract you, short news mobile apps like Inshorts are a fun way to go through the news without spending hours reading a newspaper. You can put your leisure time to a productive stand by just scrolling through the must-knows of the day. It’s probably the easiest way to make reading the current affairs news fun. 

  • India Today 
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Magazines are an interesting source of information due to the shiny pages we love turning and the mind-blowing charisma of unconventional perception embedded in perfect words. Magazines are as fancy as it sounds. You can select the magazine according to your niche interest but if you are someone who is not sure about it, try out our favorite one- India Today. 

  • NDTV

When it comes to the best media, we trust and vouch for NDTV for the most authentic and straightforward reports and current affairs. The Twitter account of NDTV is the fastest growing media account on Twitter across India. NDTV is known for its crisp yet engaging tweets which can help you stay informed 24/7. The next time you open your Twitter account, make sure you take some actions to develop your current affairs knowledge.  

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Start with reading the simplest format you are comfortable with and upgrade yourself to an analytical phase where you try to develop a critical opinion about the strategies in the industry of your concern. Industry Specialists and productive debates can work a long mile to push you to think critically than just being plainly informed. 

Every great leader had his day one, make today your day one!

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