We are doomed. Did you know that we have only 7 years and 102 days according to the climate clock, left to do something, before our damages to the earth become irreversible? What can you do about it? Become sustainable and encourage others to change as well. Hence, we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions and move towards a self-sustainable world. If you want to do more, you could pursue a career and dedicate your life towards saving the entire world.

The world of sustainability has a lot of scope and different fields in which you can work based on your interests.

  1. Consultants – Businesses need to move toward sustainable practices. With increasing consumer and environmental awareness, people don’t mind paying premium prices if the products are sustainable. In fact, the big giants like Nike, and Adidas, are pledging to reduce their carbon emissions. The dire need for sustainability consultants is increasing. Moreover, companies need expert knowledge to shift to sustainable practices. Well, that’s where you come in! You can provide consultation services and help companies follow green practices.
  2. Education – The growing awareness and call to action about saving our planet have led to developments of professional education in this field. “Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. When you become an educator you have the power to change the world. Hence, teaching sustainability and sustainable development is the key to saving our world.
  3. Government – Currently the governments around the world are hiring experts in sustainability to form new policies and reforms that will lead to sustainable ecosystems. Also, with a huge threat to civilization, the administration needs new environmental policies and changes. You can be that voice of change and help save our mother earth.
  4. Energy – To combat climate change, a lot of large companies and energy companies are finding alternate renewable energy sources to reduce environmental damage. This field involves searching for new methods and advising the management for adequate changes. Furthermore, minimizing the carbon footprints and replacing the energy sources will have the highest impact on the environment.
  5. Wildlife conservation – This is the need of the hour, as animal extinction plays a major role in environmental degradation. This field involves the study of research, conservation plans, and the environment on the whole. To sustain we need to save our forests and existing wildlife. IF we save our wildlife we will save ourselves. Moreover, a career in wildlife conversation is highly satisfying and contributing to the greater good.

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Sustainability is the need of the hour. In fact, in the last few years over 3000 new jobs were created in this field. To save the earth, this is one of the noblest fields you could choose from. Be the change you want to see and begin a career in sustainability today.

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