Is volunteering and career prospectus inter-related? Well, for a student; we would say that it is. It is said that what goes around comes back around, right? Hence a voluntary service done in any form to anyone will bring the benefit back to you someday. If you are a student then you can help your student community in several ways. Keeping this factor in mind, the Collegebol platform brings peer to peer counseling. The idea is to guide students and solve their queries. Many peer counselors who were students are now with us to give you the correct scenario. Besides this, there are several benefits involved in volunteering. Let’s have a look here.

  • Gain experience: volunteering with an organization will enrich your skills technically and professionally. You get relevant work experience and that is what you can put up in your CV. There are chances that you turn to a full-time employee from a volunteer.
  •  Bolster your resume: it is always overwhelming to see a volunteering experience in a resume. It gives a better idea of you as a person and your dedication. It will work in your favor and employers will find you quite promising. Not many take up volunteering hence, you are one of those few who was/is a volunteer and giving to society.
  • Develop soft skills: at times the volunteering activity may not relate to your career but then it is absolutely fine. You will learn a lot about valuable soft skills and able to reciprocate the same in the future. You will enrich yourself with collaborative skills, a problem-solving attitude, work in minimal resources, and have empathy, and much more. These skills will help you when you go into your workspace.
  • Gives good health: surprised to read this? But, this is reality. When you help someone selflessly, you feel much better. Caregiving attitude and problem-solving help in providing you with better mental health. A sense of satisfaction and relief will keep you happy and positive.
  • Connect to the core of the industry: when you are a volunteer with the industry, it means that you are fulfilling their basic needs. You can find a problem and you can also provide them with a solution as you are active in the field. This approach will help you to get into the center of the industry.
  • Broaden your perception: When you move out of your comfort zone, it means that you are widening your vision. Your way of looking at things and the situation will change. You will meet many people, interact, listen to them, and interchange ideas with them. This will help you in changing your perspective for the better.
  • Larger network: as you volunteer, you come in contact with many people who are either like you or who may like you. It means that you are likely to get a job opportunity or much bigger than that. You get more friends, inspirations, career advice, and much more than expected.
  • Know yourself better: as you will begin to work as a volunteer, you will know yourself better. Your likings and disliking, abilities, strengths, weakness, and many other qualities that you may have not given attention to otherwise. It is at this time that you will figure out what you should take up when it comes to making a career choice.
  • Support someone: volunteering is a choice. It is unpaid work but it pays you off when you see someone smile. Your feet contended when you are the reason for their smile. If you always had deep in your heart that you want to help someone, then this is what you can do.
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Volunteering was never a waste of time. It teaches you a lot and it is not possible to learn otherwise. Head on to our website and if you think that you can help someone by giving genuine advice the sign up with us as a peer mentor. You can be the one who can bring a change to someone’s life.

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