Are you an aspiring lawyer? The field of law is 0ne of the most demanding professionals. There are a lot of different specializations that a lawyer can take up. You must choose this specialization carefully so as to suit your potential. These are the top 6 specializations demanded in India.

  1. Corporate Law – This specialization involves working with large and medium-sized firms. The lawyers have to advise the businesses about their rights, privileges, and responsibilities. They can be helpful for any legal issues that the firms face. In fact, they can assist in decision making when there are major decisions to be taken from a legal perspective. Also, these lawyers help the firms in case they are facing any lawsuits. The corporate lawyers can pursue a degree, and even take up short term courses after the degree in law. In fact, there is a huge demand for corporate lawyers in India.
  2. Criminal law – One of the oldest branches of law is criminal law. These are cases pertaining to any kind of offense taking place against the state, society, or citizens. It revolves around any kind of criminal offense. They need to investigate, gather evidence, interrogate the suspects, and bring justice to the offended. To get into this specialization you must be courageous and inclined to provide justice to victims.
  3. Civil law – This specialization has a lot of scope and endless opportunities. This field has ample jobs in both government and private organizations. It involves dealing with damage suits, guardian disputes, individual disputes, family disputes, and property disputes. Also, the lawyer must have good networking skills, communication skills, and an eye for information and detail.
  4. Intellectual and Patent law – With increasing globalization and innovation, people want to protect their innovations and products. This specialization deals with patents, trademarks, and making the brands and products secure. This specialization has recently gained momentum. Various colleges also offer specialization in this field of law.
  5. Tax law – There are very different types of taxes levied by the government. Furthermore, it includes property tax, income tax, sales tax, and inheritance tax, amongst others. The lawyers with these specializations learn about tax policies, rules, and regulations laid by the government, and deal with tax defaulters to give them solutions. There are good job prospects in large firms that need tax lawyers to overlook legal obligations. Furthermore, except this as well there are a lot of opportunities for tax lawyers.
  6. International law – The specialization requires wide knowledge about legal practices of various countries. Also deals with employment laws, trade laws, labor laws, etc. Due to the rise of globalization, this specialization has great scope as well. Businesses and organizations looking forward to international expansion and inter-country trade need such lawyers to straighten the legal hindrance.

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