Keen on choosing a career in public relations? Before making a decision you must evaluate every aspect of this field. Like every coin has 2 sides, there are pros and cons of joining the public relation industry as well.

The public relations offers a lot of perks like:

  1. Large network – Your network is your net worth. You meet a lot of people, and can make connections to strengthen yourself. At college level as well you can meet a lot of people who will be of great help with important career advices and decisions. In fact, these people can help you shape your life for the better!
  2. Exciting – The field of public relations is never boring. The work is never monotonous. With different clients, different work is done. Also, this field is dynamic and keeps changing. At the same time you will also learn to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  3. Various options – With a degree in public relations, you can have wide career options. Every industry has a public relation need. Hence, you can combine it with any other passion or interests of yours and make it an interesting career. If your interest is sports, you could handle the PR for any sports organization or team as well.

But at the same time it also poses few challenges:

  1. Very competitive field – Public relations is one such field which is highly competitive. Here, there is enough space for creativity as well as skills like organization, and punctuality. To stand out here you must need both aspects. If you have brilliant ideas, but cannot execute them on time it’s useless and you won’t be able to deliver.
  2. Stress levels – This field works on deadlines. Sometimes they can be very short as well. The stress of this job is comparatively high to others as there is a huge time constraint. For example if you run a campaign related to black lives matter movement in USA, it will only be relevant for some time. Once the movement is over, the campaign also becomes outdated.
  3. Negative stereotypes – There are endless negative stereotypes attached to anyone working in the field of public relations. Some common ones are that people consider them as failed journalists or that they are very desperate people. These stereotypes can make working in this industry difficult. But the best way is to let your work show the value that you add to the organization.
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Public relations is an ever evolving field. There is a huge scope, and endless opportunities. If you are a creative person, have good communication skills, and love to work with deadlines this is the best field for you! This emerging field is your chance to combine your passion with your work!

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