Tanushree Mahapatra gives us amazing insights. on human resource management. She is working as an Account Manager in an HRMS (Human resource Management System) company. She pursued her BBA in HRM and International Business from Symbiosis Pune. Then she pursued a PGDM (MBA) in HRM from Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS) Ranchi. To gain amazing insights checkout the entire expert session here.

What is the scope in the field of HRM?

HRM has an array of fields. Industrial manager, corporate HR, HR analytics among others. Being a people’s person is all you need. HRM is also about getting to know best techniques used currently by organizations. Organizational development also known as HR consultant is another interesting option. Here understanding of the organization, the structure, number of employees, and policies is required. This is a great specialization that you can take up.

The HR field is evolving and moving towards AI too. For the same the HR people have to know how the industry is wanting to get their automation. Hence, they have to understand how they are function, and what will be their needs as well. The field is wide and has a great scope in the future.

What are the skills required for a career in HRM?

This field is very interactive and helps the employees with solutions. Anyone working in HR should understand every aspect of work life. They need to be a people’s person. HR people need to have a solution oriented mind set. Another desirable quality is of having a helping and understanding nature. Lastly, an important skill to have is being tech savvy.

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How can one improve communication and presentation skills?

Communication and presentation skills are no rocket science. To become a pro you just have to visualize. The best practice is to make mirror your best friend. When you practice in front of the mirror, you can notice your expressions and continuously improve.

Another good practice is to watch videos, or read books. Example, you can watch ted talks or shows and take insights. Read books, fiction non-fiction, and improve your speaking skills as well. You don’t have to read or watch anything boring. In fact, you can simply choose anything that interests you.

Dos and Don’ts for presentations:

For any presentation, practice is a must. You can watch in yourself in the mirror and see how you speak, it’s the best practice. You should do this so that you can check your expressions. In presentations you must not over express. Along with that, while presenting don’t watch the presentation continuously. Another big no is holding cards where you’ve written the pointers.

One sure shot way in which you can remember the entire content is to invest completely in the presentation. While making the presentation, doing a background research and understanding the content can help you be confident and make a very good and effective presentation. To know all the tips for acing your presentation check out the entire expert session here.

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A piece of advice for all students

Ms. Tanushree advices all students to make a mirror their best friends and work on your weaknesses. Just be yourself and follow your passion. Ms. Tanushree is also a peer counsellor with Collegebol, to help you all make an informed decision and get any help you need. To gain guidance and any further information enroll today with college bol’s peer to peer counselling program here.

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