Mr. Shailesh Goyal is the founder director of simulations public affairs management services Pvt. Ltd. He has a decade long experience with leading corporate houses like the times group, Torrent Pharma, India Today Group, among others. In fact, under his leadership Simulations has grown effectively and managed PR portfolios of organizations from various different backgrounds like healthcare, education, lifestyle, energy, and many more. Mr. Shailesh shares with us insights on the PR industry and the paradigm shift in the industry. To checkout his session click here.

What is public relations?

It is a field under the domain of communication. It is a strategic communication method. The field is mainly focused on building relations of organization with public. In fact, organization can be a person like celebrities, small shops and even multinational companies like Apple. All of them have different requirements. However, they all have one goal, to create their brand and relations with the stake holders. They include customers, government, employees, bankers, and vendors.

What is the role of PR personnel?

The role of a PR personnel is to structure and strategize communication of the organization. They should be in line with the communication objectives of the organization. Furthermore, their work differs with sectors. A PR person is needed in all industries across the globe. From celebrities, to multinational companies, to small and medium businesses. Also, their work can range from creating simple website content, to managing the entire reputation of the organization. Their work is everywhere where the company is visible. Furthermore, the way the PR handles the image of the organization reflects their ethos and business philosophy and beliefs.

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Paradigm shift in PR:

Before a few years these agencies focused on getting media visibility. It has come a long way since then. There is a shift in paradigm. Now, PR has become a full fledge discipline. They are an integral part of the communication team and are in sync with marketing and all other departments of the organization. There has been a change in scenario. There has been a huge shift to digital platforms.

Moreover, with coming of the Covid-19 pandemic, this shift intensified as well. The whole world went virtual and now there are more opportunities than ever in this field.

Essential skills to become successful in the field of public relations:

Firstly, every PR personnel has to stay updated with current affairs and technology. There is new tech coming every day and outdated methods no longer work. They need to always be looking ahead and keep the organization updated. Another important skills is communication. They also need to have good writing abilities. These two can easily be worked upon and developed. Lastly, the other most important skill is interpersonal skill. As the field suggests public relation, meaning the relations with the stake holders, for which interpersonal communication is a must. Hence, anyone aspiring to be in this field must have and develop these skills.

What are the career opportunities in the field of PR?

There are multiple roles available in this field. One can choose to become a content writer, handle operations, client services, media, video editing among others. In fact, to begin in any of these careers one must have a background in arts, or have a post-graduation in journalism or mass communication.

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Advice for aspiring students:

PR is an integrated function now. Hence, the aspiring students will be working in an ecosystem. The students must join teams where they get to experience all fields of communication. They must develop all the necessary skills to be the best in the PR industry! For more insights checkout his expert session here.

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