Mr. Deepam Bhatt is the cofounder of Arise solution. It is a recruitment and staffing firm. They take interviews on behalf of firms and help them get screened employees. The companies need placements in a desired time. Hence, Arise solution works towards achieving that. So far, they have helped more than 5000 job seekers, to get placements according to their skillset. Recruitment industry is also known as the human resource management. Mr. Deepam shares with us wonderful insights on the recruitment sector. To check out the entire session click here.

What is the scope of recruitment sector?

The field of human resource management is comparatively a new one. It’s just a few decades old. However since then as well it has grown to become a 6 billion dollars market. India is the 13th largest market for this industry. In fact, there are more than 20-30 thousand recruitment agencies, and many companies also have in-house recruitment departments. There are various public listed universities as well.

What are the skills required for this field?

To work in this industry the student must have a degree. The most important skills are interpersonal communication, and understanding people. The students must also know how to use excel, and must have basic computer skills. This sector focuses on dealing with employees, and helping them with any grievances or conflicts. Hence, the candidate must be very good at communicating and problem solving.

Tips on resume and interview preparation:

Mr. Deepam strongly suggests that the resume must be completely original. The students must not copy anything from other resumes. The resume must mention basic details like marks, schooling and college details, etc. Mr. Deepam also suggests that before the interview the candidate should research the basic company profile and the job profile as well. To get more insights check out the entire expert session with Mr. Deepam here.

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What is the future of this sector?

Artificial intelligence is the next big thing. The presence of AI is going to be in all industries including HRM. Moreover, they can sort out basic requirements and prepare a basic list of appropriate candidates. However, they cannot take human place in the interviews. The interviewer needs to find a suitable candidate and needs to see more than just their ability to do the task. In fact, they need to see the mind-set, integrity, and other traits to make a proper and informed decision. This ever growing industry is the need of the hour! Start your career in the recruitment industry today!


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