Mr. Aditya is the managing director at Gourangaa hospitality since 2012. He is skilled at feasibility studies, facility management, catering, and the entire hospitality industry. Mr. Aditya gained his education from the Welcome group graduate school of hotel administration and the Oberoi School as well. He is a part of innovative projects globally and has strong business development skills. In his expert session he enlightens us in various aspects of this industry. To see the entire session click here.

Which are the top colleges for pursuing a career in the hospitality industry?
Across India there are various IHM’s. These are the Indian Hotel Management colleges. Government runs all the IHM’s. Along with these there are numerous schools which are run by the top hotels across the country and the globe. One such is the Taj group. Their school is located in Aurangabad. Another one is the Welcome group graduate school of hotel administration in Manipal. Swiss merit International Education and Services Foundation in Ooty. Oberoi group also has a famous STEP program, (systematic training and education program) and similarly ITC has a Welcome Lead program. These two courses also provide students the opportunity to work and get a stipend while studying itself.
What is the scope of a career in this field?
Undoubtedly the hospitality industry has suffered a big setback due to the pandemic. However, when one door closes 10 others open. Even if the hotels were shut, these professionals were needed in the hospital. Right from giving the best quality food to the patients, frontline workers, and everyone else working constantly, there is a need for front office, laundry, financing, etc. which the hoteliers specialize in.

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What are the different courses available in hospitality field?
Hospitality is a vast field. Firstly, there is the F&B part. It includes everything other than cooking. It comprises of housekeeping, front office, etc. One can pursue a 3 year or 4 year degree course. Furthermore, these courses provide specialization in the last 2 years. Short term courses are also available. However these courses have very less information and knowledge which is not advisable.

Secondly, there is the culinary part. Here one learns how to cook. 2-3 year courses are available in culinary as well. Hyderabad has a lot of good colleges to pursue the same. You specialize in cooking, like baking, pastry, amongst other specializations. After such a course one can join hotels, open their own specialty stores, and work in huge kitchens, serving thousands of customers. The opportunities here are endless as well.
Which are the necessary skill sets required in this industry?
The field is highly challenging hence, one of the major skill is that you must be a hard worker and shouldn’t shy from problems. Next important skill is the art of speaking and communicating. They also should be well aware and alert of their surroundings. Learning different languages is always an add on. Lastly, and very importantly on must have a love for travelling. This job will often involve traveling to great locations and enjoying it while working.

What are your key learnings from this industry and advice for the aspirants?
Mr. Aditya has learnt that this industry is one in which hard work pays off. The beginning years are years of struggle. So only if you are passionate about this field, you must take it. There will be a lot of pressure and challenges as well. He believes at the end of the day, the job satisfaction is very high which makes all the work worth it.

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He also advices the aspirants to always stay humble and take all the negative comments, or conversations in a positive way. They must believe that these will help them be better at their jobs and not be disheartened. This is a field where passion is a must, as it requires a lot of hard work. Without passion and commitment it is hard to survive in this industry. To know more of such tips, his own experience and a lot of new information about fascinating topics like kitchen design, checkout the expert interview with Mr. Aditya Jhala.

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