The hospitality industry is a very diverse industry. It has a wide array of careers that you can choose from. Once you pursue a degree or course in hospitality, it opens a lot of doors for you. Within the industry as well as in related industries there are endless opportunities. Here are some of the career options you can choose from:

  1. Hotel operations – In the hotel industry there are a lot of activities happening. From front office, to rooms division, and even events. Overseeing of operations is required for all these activities. In fact, interaction with customers and employees is inevitable. When involved in hotel operations you will need a solution oriented mind-set as well.
  2. Hospitality management – To manage an entire hotel or hospitality service organization, there is a huge demand of ancillary functions like HR, finance, marketing, real estate, and public relations, among others. The professionals need managerial skills as well as industry specific knowledge.
  3. Food & Beverage – A big part of the hospitality industry is food. People spend a lot of money in quality food. Good career options here can be fine dining, catering, culinary arts, and chefs, among others. Interest and passion for food is the only requirement in this career. Moreover, there are special degree programs and courses as well for this field which can lead to very high paying jobs as well as own businesses. Also, check the article to find out the top colleges of India providing courses in hospitality here.
  4. Recreation, fitness, and leisure– This sector is up and coming. With a huge growth in awareness of fitness, the scope has greatly increased. The spas, fitness centres, private clinics, retirement living, are new avenues which have opened to the hospitality industry. In fact, with an increase in recreational activities, these have found an increase in opportunities as well.
  5. Other opportunities – The hospitality industry has various other opportunities as well. One can choose to be a hotel specialist, hospitality consultant, project management, and also assist in research and development of new projects and technology. Hotel specialist can help companies in opening new hotels. A consultant can specialize with the needs of this specific industry. Having a skillset for this industry can open doors to various other industries too. The scope in this industry is endless.
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Today one in nine jobs are from the hospitality industry. This sector is booming, and is in huge demand. Hence, the scope is also endless. If you are someone who does not want a monotonous job, and is looking for an exciting career, this is the field for you. For more insights in this industry checkout our expert session on the hospitality industry here, and choose your path to success.


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