Looking for a unique and different career? Today, there are more opportunities than ever. You deserve to follow an unconventional path and pursue your passion. How can you find such unique careers which can be exciting as well as well paying? Here’s a curated list of 7 unique career paths that you can choose:

  1. Ayurveda healer – A thousand year old, traditional Indian medicine practice has gained a lot of significance recently. It is a discipline of creating a balanced human body system. Plant-based medicine is the focus of Ayurveda healing. In fact, you can pursue a course on Ayurveda healing. Registering yourself as an Ayurveda healer can help you in your career too.
  2. Body painters – Have you ever noticed at a concert or a sports event that there are people who have their faces painted? The person who paints this, are body painters. For them the human body is their canvas. These painters also seen in festivals, carnivals, concerts, sports, parties and events, fine art exhibitions, protests, parades, etc. Moreover, they are mostly freelancers, and do not require a formal education.
  3. Feng shui Consultant – Feng shui translates to wind-water in English. It is one of the 5 arts of Chinese metaphysics. In fact, it involves architecture in metaphoric terms of invisible forces which bind the universe, earth, humanity, combined which is known as qi. All places like office, garden, shops, homes, etc. can use Feng shui.  The job is to determine color, lights, and positions of things in a room. Furthermore, a formal training can help you a lot in your career.
  4. Fragrance chemist – The art of perfume making is centuries old. It originated from the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations. Today the global fragrance market is expected to reach 92 billion dollars by 2024. This industry has a huge scope. The fragrance chemists need to create and conduct experiments on different fragrances. A background in chemistry or biochemistry is required for this career.
  5. Professional ethical hacker – Often the word ‘hacker’ is quoted negatively. But there are professional hackers who professionally hack soft wares and security systems for the organizations so as to ensure maximum safety. White-hat hackers are professional ethical hackers. A background in computers and cyber security is highly required to pursue this career.
  6. Tea taster – For every tea lover, this is the best career. They determine the quality and the taste of the tea. Also, these are experts who judge the texture, color, and flavor of the tea and review it for changes. This career can be challenging. They need to taste 100’s of tea samples. However, if tea is something you love, this could be a path for you.
  7. Equine therapist – they are therapeutic riding instructors. They are a part of care teams and work with the medical professionals to help patients. It is a physical therapy in which the movement of horse, affects the human body. They also help improve life-skills, rehabilitation, and social skills as well. Hence, this unique career requires a background in psychology and a certification in equine therapy as well.
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Everyone should have a choice to choose a path they want, even if it’s unconventional. Whatever your passion or liking is, you can make a career out of it for sure! Hence, here are 7 unique careers and you can explore many more which are present today! The world has endless opportunities, and now is your chance to grab it!


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