If music is your passion and makes you happy, it is an ideal career choice for you. Music connects the entire world. Today with online streaming services we have access to music from around the world. We listen to K-pop, country music, as well as local music from all over the world. If music makes you happy, here are 7 career options for you!

  1. Music therapist – This is a career in which the therapist uses music to heal psychological, developmental, and emotional issues. This is a high paying career. In fact, this is mainly used by everyone who cannot communicate in a conventional way. A music therapist requires an undergraduate or post graduate degree.
  2. A & R Representative – They work for record labels. They manage and scout for talent. They help the musicians, review demos, negotiate contracts, and help artists make their career decisions. Also, this job is very exciting. For this job one requires a degree in communications, marketing, music, or business.
  3. Music composer – The composers are the ones who create music for various purposes. It can be an advertisement jingle that you see, or for movies, television shows, and the list is endless. They also write lyrics, play instruments and assist in the process of creation. One just needs knowledge and passion in music, formal education is not required for this job. However a degree in music composition will be fruitful.
  4. Teacher – The job of the teacher is to teach instruments or vocal music to the students. The students can be new to the music world or can have existing knowledge. The teachers play an exceptional role in the journey of the students. They are the artists biggest assets. Their role is beyond describable. Hence, teachers just need an immense knowledge of music.
  5. Music Journalist – Do you love music and journalism both? Then this is the right career choice for you. Music journalists essentially have to write about the music industry. They need to stay up-to date about everything happening in the industry. Furthermore, from reporting about a new album to the story of any artist, they have to cover it all. Generally they require a degree in communications, english, or mass media.
  6. Sound Engineers –  Sound engineers are also known as audio or music engineers. They run live shows, concerts, and events. They also run the recordings and work sound systems for all audio platforms. A sound engineer requires an undergraduate degree. A sound engineer also needs a lot of hands on training before they can land a job.
  7. Music Producer – They are responsible for the production of music. They work with artists, composers, and programmers to ensure proper production of the music. Producers work on the final making of commercial music. They supervise the entire process as well. In fact, producers need to be creative and organized individuals as they have a great influence on the music begin recorded. A degree is not required to become a music producer. However a certification in music is an advantage.
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To sum it up, music industry is an ever evolving industry and has a huge scope. Get the education, and follow your dream. The world of music has high paying fascinating jobs as well as career prospects. Follow your heart and follow your passion!

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