Wondering whether HR is the field for you? Human resource as the word says is the job to manage the human capital of any organization. A career in human resources is not limited to an HR manager. There are various other options for anyone from the field of HR like:

  1. Human resources manager – They are responsible for managing, planning, and overseeing, various functions of HRM so that the firm has employment laws in place, competent staff, and manages employee relations. HR managers require a lot of experience. Before becoming a manager one can work as an HR assistant. They need applicable education to hire, develop, and maintain employees in the company. In fact, aspiring students can take up various degree or diploma courses available for this field.
  2. Employee relations manager – They are responsible for managing the relation of employees within the firm, with the firm as well as other employees. They address employee grievances and mediate conflicts. They also conduct exit interviews and ensure employee compliance with law and regulations.
  3. Training manager and coordinator – These can be 2 different jobs or under one job description as well. The training manager designs a curriculum for the employees. If they are two different jobs, the manager also manages the training coordinator team as well. The training coordinator manage and develop the training program. They deliver these trainings to the employees. They cover various subjects from company policies to professional and growth trainings as well.
  4. Payroll specialist – Payroll specialists are people who manage the entire payroll system of the organization. They oversee the entire process right from the salary deductions, appraisals, tax deductions, benefits, salary cycles, etc. They need a good knowledge about the finances, the taxation system, as well as company’s payroll system.
  5. Compensation specialist – Fair compensation of the employees is being monitored by compensation specialists. They also manage the job description and classify employees and their salary. Furthermore, their job also includes looking into the labor market and ensuring the competitive packages to the employees, so as to reduce employee turnover. They recommend changes in administrative policy and job descriptions if required.
  6. Benefits manager – This position is similar to that of a HR assistant. They have to enter employee data into the system. The organization provides each employee with benefits. These benefits are overseen by the benefits managers.  There are instances when the employee has life changing events like marriage, children, death, etc. they make sure that accordingly benefits are given to the employee. They take into account all personal and professional aspects of an employee and provide them with respective benefits.
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Human resource management is a unique career. There are a lot of options once you have taken up a course in HRM. It is a career which is essential to all industries. Hence, this is one such course which will open endless opportunities for you. Start planning a career in HR today!

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