Some of the incidents provoke the need for mental health issues awareness but then do we stick to it? We all talk about mental health and its importance a lot. We post images, write blogs, slogans, and quotes to make people know about it. However, there is somewhere a gap in facilitating mental health to common people. Although many people come up as counselors to provide support to seekers, that is not all. Our entire system needs to research it and come up with support that everyone can afford. How we can improve on it? Check it out here.

  • The counselor made available in regional language: Is it the affluent class only that needs mental health support? NO. Each one of us struggles with many mental health issues and we need support. Most of us may find support in a friend or a close relative. However, that is not the case with everyone. Most of the counselors make use of Hindi or English language while counseling. We should have a few of them at least who can speak in regional language so that natives can feel comfortable. We believe more people would then feel secured and connected, and then they may share their concerns more.
  • Affordable and accessible: The current hospital infrastructure has amazing facilities to provide better health diagnosis options. However, there is a loop when it comes to having the same facilitation in terms of mental health. Hence hospitals should have psychotherapists, psychiatrists,s, and psychologists at friendly rates so that people do not give a second thought to seek help.
  • Better communication and presentation: People are actively watching TV and following different social media handles. These are the two most effective ways to communicate all about mental health issues. However, communication has to be really effective and absorbable. It should touch the viewer’s heart and give a knock to their mind. It should convince the views along with empathetic touch.
  • Educating in school: Why is it that we do not learn about mental health in school? When we learn all about our body functions then why not about the mind and its health? Schools should introduce mental health education so that students can understand emotions and ways to handle them. Understanding feelings and emotions at an early age may give some benefits as they grow.
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What do you think? Should we not have at least one class in a week about mental health awareness and management? You can let us know in the comments below.

  • Increase in the ratio: Apparently, there are fewer mental health practitioners than victims. Hence, the ratio of mental health practitioners to patients is very low. Some steps should be taken to encourage a degree in mental health so that we have a considerable number of practitioners.

The problems are not solved only by talking about mental health issues. We should implement them too. The government should take necessary steps so that more people come forward to learn about mental health and serve the people.

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