Change is the only constant. Every sector sees a changing trends and so does the education sector. The changes and trends in this sector affects the students who are the pillars of our nation. Here are 6 top education trends of 2020!

  1. Augmented reality –Augmented reality is an interactive experience. It is a technology in which we add to the reality rather than interacting virtually like in virtual reality. Let’s understand augmented reality with a simple example of Pokémon go! With help of tech, we add virtual aspects to the real life. With augmented reality the knowledge retention has highly increased, as the method uses the audio, visual aids. These help stimulate the senses more and hence, whatever we see can be retained better.
  2. Professional development of teachers – An upcoming trend in 2020 is also the development of teachers. The educators are the ones leading the new generation. They themselves must be developed and up to date with all new technologies and advancements. With the rapid changing world, the teachers also need to change from traditional lectures to new teaching methods. In fact, a lot of schools and colleges are organizing such trainings to update their educators.
  3. Bite-sized learning – Another interesting trend of 2020. Bite size learning believes smaller sessions. Have you ever felt that the class of 2 hours is boring, and you haven’t actually learnt anything? Students have a very short concentration span. The long lectures reduced the learning abilities of students. Bite sized learning is the answer to this problem. These are really short, highly focused, and content based learning of only a single topic.
  4. Shift from STEM to STEAM – The education system has been revolving around STEM, i.e. Science, technology, engineering, and math. Now the industries are asking for people also from art and creativity backgrounds. This includes a creative aspect of learning. Creativity is important in the field of innovation, business, teaching, and leading. The shift is now moving towards STEAM, adding Arts to the STEM courses.
  5. Genius hour – Have you ever thought that if I had the time from my daily routine I would love to know about some field or pursue a skill? I have, I always wanted to learn more about aviation. The genius hour lets the students explore and learn about anything that interests them for 1 hour every day. In fact, the students get a chance to discover themselves, their passion, and gain a lot of knowledge.
  6. Online education – With growing technology and easy availability of gadgets, the online education is booming. With unlimited online resources and courses, remote learning is the most popular trend of 2020. From students to professionals, everyone is learning online, remotely, in the comfort of their houses.
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To sum up, in this ever changing world, these are the top trends of 2020 in the education sector. These trends greatly impact the students, teachers, and the entire education sector. In fact, they are the building blocs of the nation and shape any country.

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