Do you feel like going to an adventurous ride amid the jungles or sea and click astonishing pictures? When you have a job in the field of wild adventure, it will always keep you thrilled and bring exciting moments. However, the young generation today is interested in taking up such an unconventional career. Your passion for a wild adventure can turn into a profession with sheer determination and interest.  Let’s have a look at some of these that are listed here so that it can give you a clear vision on what to take up.

1: Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography is a genre of photography that focuses on capturing different species of wildlife in their natural environment. Wildlife photographers can need field craft skills as well as photography skills. Some animals and birds, for example, are difficult to approach and therefore knowledge of the nature of animals and birds is necessary in order to be able to predict their behavior. However, photographing such species can require stalking skills or the use of a concealment hide/blind. A job in a wild adventure will require a lot of patience and determination.

~ Equipment:

There is special equipment required for wildlife photography which includes different types of od specially designed lens compared to almost any profession. Most wildlife lenses have a really long focal length which is between 150mm and 600mm. As a result of the length, it allows the photographer to get a sharper image,  filling the frame with their chosen subject.

2: Deep Sea Diver

Deep diving is subsea diving permitted to a certain depth. This is a defined limit set by an authority in some cases and is correlated with a degree of qualification or training in others, and can vary depending on whether or not diving is a recreational, professional, or commercial practice. Although, at the danger of oxygen toxicity, narcosis is threatening below thirty meters (98 ft).  Also, a need arise for hypoxic respiration gas below sixty meters (200 ft). You are eligible to take up this job only if you can prove that you are fit and have powerful lungs.

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  • Diving Mask and Snorkel.
  • Wetsuit or Drysuit.
  • Scuba Gloves.
  • Fins
  • Scuba Tank.
  • Regulator.

3: Adventure Therapist

A job of an adventure therapist is more like a psychotherapist that provides a fantastic side-by-side activity guide. Not only as a physical reference, but also an emotional one, you can find yourself. Apparently, adventure therapy focuses on troubled young people, persons with depression, or post-traumatic stress disorders. It also treats persons with learning disabilities, and those struggling with addiction. This form of therapy takes individuals out of their comfort zone and teach them skills. As a result of this, they acquire problem-solving skills and developing self-trust.

~ Types:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

4: Marine Biologist

The study of plant, animal, and microscopic life in the ocean is marine biology. However, there is a change in marine life as there is a drastic climate change, atmosphere change, and pollution. A job of a marine biologist is to study these modifications and try to solve problems. 80 percent of all life on the earth is dwelling underwater hence we consider this job as an important one.

~ Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Study aquatic life in natural or controlled environments
  • Collect data and specimens
  • Study characteristics of species
  • Assess human impact
  • Monitor and manage populations
  • Report findings
  • Teach

Does this motivate your hidden passion? Well, you can have more information on these mentioned professions as to how you can take it up. Follow us for all the quick updates and information that will answer your queries. Our peer 2 peer counseling session is one of its kind that will find a perfect match for you to answer your questions.

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