Technology is the study and transformation of techniques, tools, and machines created by humans. The technology basically allows humans to study and evolve the physical elements that are present in their lives. Technology is constantly changing and it sometimes feels like way too much effort to keep up with a moving target. Just remember, keeping up with technology adds value to your knowledge and business.


Staying up-to-date helps ensure that you don’t miss opportunities that help you stand with the trend and time. Changes are inevitable and it is good to embrace change. However, the deeper we dive into technology, the more it seems we try to blend the physical and virtual worlds together. Smart speakers, smart homes, and even smart cars are the tech wave to ride in the future. However, it feels like a beginning as the technology is short lived and the newer one comes too soon.

Throwback to the days in the 80s, where mobiles or cell phones weren’t even invented. The only entertainment in life was radio with a tape recorder to record your favorite song. Also, a standard black & white television with antenna (remember running to the terrace fringing with the antenna if your TV had some disturbance?). Nevertheless, reading books & novels was the best pass time in those days. However, we enjoyed meaningful face-to-face conversations, and cute handwritten letters & postcards. Remember, waiting by a telephone with the cord to hear from a loved one? That was a good meaning full life, without pressure or worry or relations at risks of technology.

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Then came the 90s when technology improved. Walkmans, portable CDs were trending with a few i-pods into the picture (nostalgia feels eh?). The slim-trim colored LCD TVs started were out in the market and computers having access to the ‘internet’ were enabled. As a result, people wrote fewer letters or postcards because e-mail came into the picture. And, people could look up for things in Google through the internet. Landlines were updated to cord-less landlines and the most basic aerial free ‘mobiles’ were invented. The 90s was a base for the future coming up and there was a lot of improvisation.

20th Century, 21st century, an era of millennia’s, how are things now?  Large screen smart Tv does it all for you. And, your smart phones let you enjoy leisure while it does all that is needful.  The rapid advancement in technology gives numerous options to consumers.  Smartphone and search engine has made everything easy for everyone. . You can literally do anything on the internet through any gadgets or devices.

Our smart gadgets have played important role in this pandemic. People started working from home with the help of the internet and laptops. students did not suffer their education and it is because of smartphones and laptops. How we denied students to use and phone and today’s situation demands to hand over the phone to students. These are the basic things happening but there is a lot more than we can think of. We can say that smartphones, the internet, and laptops are the necessity today. When the situation demands people to stay home and work, these smart devices are a boon.

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