Do you have a creative aptitude? Do you have a passion for design? Designing is an upcoming and very famous field. Under the wide umbrella of design, there are numerous branches. Here are 4 major fields of design. They all have a wide scope and are emerging careers.

  1. Communication design – It’s the design field of expression. It helps express information, announcements, ideas, data, emotions, and helps create awareness. It broadly includes graphic design, photography, exhibition design, animation and film design, UI/UX design, film and video communication, data visualization, among others. Moreover, there are numerous universities that provide a wide range of courses in this field. There courses available from undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, certificates, and online courses as well. In fact, with the boom of the IT sector, this field has a great scope and every firm usually demands such designers.
  2. Industrial design – It is the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects, and utilities. These designers focus on the functionality, appearance, and efficiency of the products. In fact, it includes ceramic and glass design, furniture and interior design, product design, toy and game design, transportation and automobile design, universal design, among others. This field has recently gained a lot of attention. Also, the demand for such designers is increasing. There are a lot of universities that are providing courses in industrial design which is the need of the hour.
  3. Fashion design – It is a field in which designers apply aesthetics and beauty to clothing. It changes with change in time, era, and trends. The designers conduct market research, and according to trend and their creative design clothes, accessories, and apparel. Furthermore, there is always scope for newness, uniqueness, and creativity in this field. Fashion design courses are very popular. Generally, students take a certificate course, but graduate degrees are also available and popular.
  4. Textile design – It is a unique field in which designers combine different materials and form fabrics and cloth which are used for different purposes. The textile design industry is an integral part of other design industries like interior, fashion, etc. The products range from carpets to garment materials, and any other cloth items used. This is a very important field and a requisite for other fields to boom as well. In fact, they have 3 major subcategories: Printed, woven, and mixed media design. As well as there are a lot of universities that provide all types of courses for textile design as well.
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Hence, there is a wide scope in designing. The fields of designing have evolved over the years, and there are countless career scopes for designers. Furthermore, check out our expert interview with the director of top institute Skyblue, Mr. Shailesh Pithadia, to know everything about designing here. If you are a creative genius and inclined towards designing, go pursue your passion today!

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