Before knowing the benefits of being MULTILINGUAL, we need to know the term ” Multi-Lingual “. In simple words, a Multilingual person is one who speaks more than one language. People add their knowledge of languages in a CV to get a better response from employers. It is true that knowing more than one or two language leads you to get more perks.


  • Learning new languages will surely help you in and out of the business. It increases your zone, wherein you can connect with more people.
  • A study says that those who have developed the ability to think in different languages and can move from one to the other become much better multitaskers compared to monolingual people, thereby reducing stress levels.
  • Learning a new language not only requires familiarity with an unfamiliar set of vocabulary and rules, but also the ability to recall this information. Absorbing and retaining more information can significantly shorten your learning curve because you can spend more time learning new information instead of re-teaching yourself.
  • The journey of learning a new language isn’t just about learning the language, it involves learning about their culture too.
  • As Geoffrey Willans said, “You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.” Learning a new language actually sharpens your knowledge of your primary language by making you more conscious of its rules and subtleties.
  • A University of Chicago study found that the decision-making process is easier for multilingual people. So it enhances your decision-making skills.
  • Multi-lingual speakers who use both languages frequently may have more grey matter in the brain regions. It is responsible for attention, inhibition, and short-term memory.
  • Many people respect you for you speak many languages.
  • it feels connected with the people who can speak their language. It shows your interest to accept their culture. This is because in many countries people do not see foreigners to learn their language and culture often. But when they see them they are kind of more interested in them.
  • Speaking a second language can provide more job opportunities. Although, it depends on which languages you speak. Communication in the workplace is important and bilingualism brings more opportunities.  If you are able to communicate with foreign clients or customers then it is advantageous.
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