Urgent requirement of a blogger!

Looking for a creative content writer!

Have you seen such posts on your social media pages quite often?

Nowadays we often come across posts related to the requirement of a content writer or a blogger. Do you find them similar? Note that content writing and blogging are two different things and many of them mistakenly take it as the same. Hence, we thought of giving you some highlights to tell you about the basic difference between the two of them.


  • It is like an ocean as it is diverse and it has immense depth.  However, we can say that blogs are a part of the content.
  • Content covers each and every piece of words that you cover on the internet. Although, it does not have a specific category.
  • Content writing refers to as used for achieving a goal on the internet platform. Hence, one can write content for any genre by which they can target their audience.
  • The content writer will focus on the service or the product for which they make use of words strategically. Content is used for promotion or for marketing the product or service. Basically it all about attracting readers to use their product or avail their service.
  • Content involves intense research and choosing the words so carefully that it serves the purpose.
  • Content is the king and no one can deny that fact. Also, good content can win the heart and lead to profit for the company.


  • The blog is a small part of the overall content. It covers precise information in depth. Would you want to become a blogger?
  • On a website that contains content, there is a small section dedicated to blogs. However, you will find them on various platforms where you can put forward your views and information for that platform.
  • Blogs can have an informal tone of writing. You can address it to someone or you can have a conversational write-up too. You can put down information in the blog in the best way you feel.
  • Why do we need blogs? To know about the why, how, what, and when about the platform. We need blogs to let people know more about that platform.
  • Bloggers are usually writing for a particular field therefore, they put up informative posts or articles about that field.
  • Bloggers are the one who is an expert in writing in their genre. Moreover, they know in-depth and have information to the point which they put up for everyone else to read.
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What would you like to take up, blogging, or content writing? Leave your answer here in the comment and let us know your views on this.

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