Job and career both are essentially important to add a purpose to your goals and fulfilling them. It is obvious to look for a job after education is over because after all, it is all about earning. But there is a thin line of difference between job and career. Do you know whether you are looking for a job or you want to move to your career goal? Have you ever thought that way? Most of us speak about jobs and careers so frequently that we miss differentiating between the two. Let us know as to how a job and a career are different from one another.


  • In your life span, you take up small trips. Taking up a job is like that short trip that is essentially a first step in building your career.
  • You get the opportunity to earn money and keep your family and you happy.
  • It helps you in connecting with many people and building a network. It may not always reward you the way you deserve or the way you expect.
  • Most of the time you stick to your role in a job and keep your seniors happy. Not all the jobs allow an employee to put forward their ideas and execute them.


  • It is with the series of jobs that you step up the ladder and build your career in it. Hence, it a journey and it is a long way to go.
  • Besides earning, it also motivates you to keep doing better with passing day. It could be your passion and that is what can keep your going irrespective or hurdles that you may face.
  • You come across various situations and experiences hence, you get a lot of exposures here.
  • Meeting like-minded people is quite good and therefore networking here becomes worthy and fruitful.
  • You cannot stick to your role here. Each day you need to go the extra mile and do more than your work responsibilities are.
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Not everyone has a business or can start as an entrepreneur directly. Most of the people take up jobs in the field of their education or sometimes out of it only to start earning. However, there are ample opportunities that you have to identify where you can turn your job into a career. What you can do to build a career out of jobs that you are taking up?

  • Learning and developing: keep it clear as to what your career goals are. It is better to know that because only then you know where to focus and what to know. Learning is a never-ending process. If your current job does not teach you about your career then go for some online learning, enroll in a course, or take up the qualification.
  • Connect: making connections is essential here because, with different perspectives, you will get a larger vision. Meet more people and discuss your vision and plans with them. Get advice from people who have walked your way. Reach to people who are in a similar profession as you are seeking to.
  • Have a mentor: A guide or someone who is in a senior position with similar exposure or experience can help you in showing the direction. You should discuss with your mentor and devise a plan that can work effectively in taking you to your career goal.
  • Staying positive: a journey is a series of trips that could be good or bad. No matter what, go on with your journey and do everything to reach your destination. It is a positive attitude that will help you in moving ahead even in not-so-good situations.
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Grabbing a job is the first step and then with the series of such steps, you can gradually build up your career.

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