How about taking up a Vitamin D3 pill?

Better health? Yes. But, Better career too. Yes, read it here.

Here we are living in the 21st century, where digitalization and globalization have reached each part of the world. Even students are learning with the help of technology today.  Therefore, in a world full of modernization, technology, and digitalization, we are forgetting our traditions and customs. We believe that students are forgetting certain values in them. D3, i.e., Duty, Devotion, and Discipline is lacking in some of the students today as compared to the past.

Isn’t this necessary to speak up? Every individual should follow the D3 element in his/her student life or career span.

What does that D3 mean?

D3 stands for DUTY, DEVOTION, and DISCIPLINE regarding your goals. These are 3 pillars that will truly help students to achieve a bigger & fruitful path in their life.

Let’s shower some light on these 3 pillars:

  1. Duty: In layman’s language duty stands for action that someone should perform as their part. The candidate must have a passion to undertake the duty and have the maturity to do it well. It is necessary to complete the task or do the duty in an allotted time frame. However, with a lack of passion and dedication, one cannot perform his/her duty well.  Hence, it is important for us to understand the value of our duty and the importance of performing it well.  It is when you do your duty well, you are eligible to ask for your rights. It is one of the ways of getting appraisals.
  2. Devotion: Devotion means a strong sense of enthusiasm regarding your activities and goals. Every student or every individual’s work may look different but all work has one thing in common, its work! So to perform any target, it requires a good amount of devotion and effort to do it. It requires complete devotion and loyalty towards it. However,  concentration does matter a lot. And, if you are devoted, then it will come from within. Hence, make sure that you give your 100% in the task that you take up. You never know when your devotion may help you climb the stairs to success.
  3. Discipline: We all take about discipline many times but applying it in real life is a little difficult.  Discipline is an action that is regulated by someone or someone’s inner will to be in accordance with or to achieve your path properly. With discipline comes stability and in turn, leads to success.
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Importance of D3:

  1. Good discipline helps students to do all the assignments on time instead of wasting it, which leads to time-saving.
  2. Discipline also creates confidence in students.
  3. If a student understands the value regarding his/her duty it makes him/her punctual and regular and they will give proper attention to their final goal.
  4. Dedication will help you to stay consistent with your goals.

So, coming to the conclusion that student life revolves around D3, and to achieve their ultimate goals, every student should follow it in their life. Not just one aspect of D3 but collectively following all the 3 will help.

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