Have you always wondered why any kind of diet doesn’t work for you? We have with us Pallak Shah, a verified sports nutritionist.; She has done her masters in clinical nutrition and helps everyone stay fit and healthy. She has started her startup recently called Just eat right. In this session she has shared some myths regarding nutrition and gave us amazing insights on a career in this field. Check out the expert session here.

Why nutrition?

Nutrition is the science of food. It is what happens to the food when it is ingested by us. People want to look fit, and like celebrities. That cannot happen if we do not nourish our body. Indeed, eating right is the basic of life, and not just to get a body like we desire, or like a model.

What are the common myths related to nutrition?

The most common myth is that if I eat less, I can maintain my weight. Nutrition is looked just in terms of calories. Cutting down on food doesn’t help at all. Initially you will loose weight. Eventually your body will get used to it. Another common myth is that if I don’t exercise and eat less I can reduce weight. We have often heard people saying that I don’t have time to exercise and hence, I will eat less so as to maintain my weight. We are humans and meant to move. If we don’t exercise our body will definitely deteriorate.

Another common myth is that if I exercise I have the liberty to eat anything unhealthy I want to. That’s completely not true. If you are exercising you need more nutrients to nourish your body. Additionally to check out other common myths and improve your health check out the full interview here.

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What is scope of nutrition and what are products involved?

Nutrition has a wide scope in terms of career, there are endless possibilities in this field. One can choose from various fields like:

  1. Nutrition and personal consultancy – Here you can consult people after getting a dietician and nutritionist license.
  2. Sports nutrition – You can become a consultant with Gyms, and premier sports league academies. The sports people need to focus on nutrition as they want their body to perform at its peak.
  3. Product development – You can help companies develop products, along with that you can check product for nutrition content and it requires nutrition and food technology knowledge.
  4. Community nutrition – You can work with central and state governments, and NGOs who are working for underprivileged people, pregnant women, etc. who lack a healthy diet the most.
  5. Research – Every field like nutrition is ever evolving. In fact, there is huge scope or nutrition research as well.

In fact, apart from this as well, there are various fields where you can get involved if you are interested.

What are the skills required for this field?

Students willing to get into this field must have a knowledge of basic biology, and biochemistry. Their primary interest should be in this field. Another important skill is of listening. You need to listen to your clients very well to understand them, and consult them effectively. Another skill is actually doing what you preach. If you ask your client to eat a soup for dinner, you yourself should be able to do it. If you eat junk, and then advocate that your client must eat healthy, your credibility reduces.

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Courses or work students can do while pursuing under graduation?

Students can prepare for entrances. The students need to pass the dietician exam before they can consult clients so students can prepare for that. Another important experience which is very helpful is an internship. If the students can get hands on guidance with a nutritionist it adds to their credibility, learning, and exposure. As well as the students can take a personal fitness basic course. As with every diet you need exercise. It also adds to your value.

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A word of advice for everyone!

Students should know that nutrition is a very upcoming field. Hence, if it’s something that interests them they must go ahead a pursue it. Also, practice what you preach should be your motto. For all the viewers, just stick to the basic rules for nutrition. Eat healthy, drink more water, and eat dinner early, among others. Be fit, be healthy, and do this for YOURSELF!

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