Want to turn your passion into your profession? We are here with our expert talkies with Mr. Shailesh Pithadia, who is the founder and director at Skyblue institute of design. He is the man behind thousands of students who have taken admission in design institutes globally. Skyblue institute is known for its excellence in design education and has faculty and experts from the top design institutes of the country. Here’s a short glimpse of the expert talkies. Check out the full video here.

What is so special about design education?

Mr. Shailesh believes that design is a matter of interest and passion. A student who loves art and design will get success. According to old beliefs, education did not consist of creative fields like art. Students studied it as an extra subject or extra-curricular activity. Now with the new education policy emphasizes a lot on art and design subjects. In fact, in the future students will have to just pass their 12th grade and can receive admission on the basis of the entrance test. Hence, success in this field is purely based on passion and hard work.

Different courses offered by Skyblue?

The foundation program focuses on the basics. Design or art is not taught as a core subject in school. The foundation program provides a clear vision to students and opens their creative minds. Based on the entrance exam format, there is a creative program as well.  Also, there is a course or architecture as it needs basic science knowledge as well. This coaching is available for all.

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Can design be pursued as a side course or part-time job?

It is impossible to learn design as a side course. It is an extensive course. Indeed, there are a lot of efforts and inputs required. Everyone needs new designs daily hence it is also difficult to take up as a part-time job. One can undertake a full-time job, freelance, or do collaborations.

What are the skills required to pursue a career in the design field?

From the school level itself, one has to develop the skill of sketching, color scheme, craftsmanship, and have a deep interest in designing and art. At the school level itself, you can see if it is your hobby or your passion which you want to pursue as a career. Also, you will need good observational, analysis, and presentation skills. In addition to that, you will have to develop different out of the box thinking and perspectives.

Which are the different fields in designing?

Designing has various fields and specializations available. It includes the following and various other fields.

  1. Product design
  2. Automobile design
  3. Architecture
  4. Interior design
  5. Fashion design
  6. Graphic design
  7. Toy design
  8. Industrial design
  9. Textile design
  10. Social media design


Is it compulsory to have a degree to start your career in design?

No, one can start their career in design purely based on talent. However, once they reach a certain level they will require expertise. Professional education can give this expertise. Along with that, it helps if you have mentors and teachers who can help you, and you can gain knowledge and skills from. In fact, designers should have a basic knowledge of soft wares. Later based on the field you can learn new soft wares required. Any advice and tips for future designers?

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Mr. Shailesh suggests that designers must follow current designers, know their work and skills. Then work on your own strengths, creativity, and simply think out of the box.  Be as innovative as you can. In fact, the priority of all designers should be the utility of any product that they design. Check out the full session with Mr. Shailesh here!


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