When you see a star shining on the screens or on a red carpet or as the cover photo, the whole credit actually goes to the celebrity makeup artist. Yes, celebrities are no different from us. Even they don’t have the perfect flawless skin or eyebrows. To make everything perfect from the roots, a skillful makeup artist‘s hands will always be behind them.

Becoming a celebrity makeup artist is not a joke. A career as a celebrity makeup artist will start with hard work, experts’ guidance, taking up a course for the reputed institutions. Above all, it is the experience that matters the most.

Here are some tips…

  1. Enroll in a makeup course

 The first & the most important step is to receive proper guidance so that you can have a clear cut idea about each & everything in the makeup industry from cleaning the brushes, setting the skin. Through this you will get an idea about how to do makeup in a professional way and the new celebrity makeup trends also, so make sure you enroll yourself in a good makeup school.

2. Keep yourself ready for assistance

Keep exploring & trying out different methods & ways cause “Practice makes a man perfect.” Try to assist any renowned makeup artists through whom you’ll be able to observe their skills, learn the expert techniques, and get a sense of the professional environment of a makeup artist.


  1. Stock up & update your makeup kit

Always have your own makeup kit. You should never run out of any makeup supplies or products. So, always have a wide range of foundations in many different colors. And, to splurge on great foundations, lipsticks & other good quality skin products.

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4. Do your research well

Before starting any job, you should be prepared for anything & everything, always do your due diligence. For makeup artists, this means looking up recent images of the celebrity they’re going to be working with, prepping mood boards, and color charts as visual references are always a good idea.


  1. Stay professional

Never mix your personal issues & your work life. A job of a makeup artist is important as someone’s appearance completely depends on you.  There’s no need to have a friendship with your client. However, you can always have a smooth relation with your clients. The bottom line is to give your best as soon as you are in your job role.


  1. Always ask permission and respect privacy

For any celebrity, privacy is the most important thing & it should be well protected. But, with the rise of social media (which is used as a major promotional tool by makeup artists), respecting your client’s privacy should always be your number one priority because in this era often privacy is taken for granted. So before you take any behind-the-scenes photographs and/or videos always ask permission and show them the final photo/video for approval before posting.


  1. Be humble and patient

Being popular won’t happen within a day. It takes lots of determination & hard work to be one of the finest in any field. It takes time for people to capture your works because good things come to those who wait.

Client interaction tips

  1. Stay humble, learn from every opportunity you get.
  2. Keep patience. Each client is different in terms of their comfort zone when it comes to makeup.
  3. Have the willingness to learn.
  4. Keep yourself open to everyone’s suggestions.
  5. You will stand out with your own creative input – there are always ways to bring this in without veering too far away from what your client is comfortable with.
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