Is social anxiety dominating your behavior?

Feeling scared of social gathering?

Experiencing panic in meeting people?

Don’t worry. It’s common after lockdown.

With the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic, some people are venturing back out into the world, struggling to get back to life pre-quarantine. While some social butterflies are ready to see people again, but the same is not the situation with everyone.  Along with concerns over safety, getting back into socializing after months of lockdown can daunt many people. It is common to feel anxious about meeting people again when COVID-19 has yet not said goodbye. Believe us,  you are not alone & it is totally ‘okay to not be okay’. There are several people just like you who are unsure how to manage social anxiety after the lockdown is finally over.

The situation is getting back to normal but many people have not yet got back to normal. Hence, we have some awesome tips here for those and we hope that it helps.

Take baby steps

Dealing with social anxiety in the unlock phase is not easy. So, take baby steps to engage & spend time with the people with who you are close and comfortable. Then slowly try expanding your social circle. Never directly dive back suddenly into larger groups & new people initially.


Get Social Virtually

If you feel in-person interactions are a little extreme, then start socializing virtually. Go for video calls with just a few people who make you comfortable. You can immediately start doing this. Do practice some socializing when at home to get on board as the restrictions are no longer there.

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Be positive

You may tend to get some inappropriate negative thoughts before or during social interactions. Try getting over them by neglecting & not paying any attention to them. Always have happy thoughts because ‘everything is just fine’. You can also practice some breathing exercises which calm you and get you over your anxiety.


Do an Activity

A part of social anxiety for some people is struggling to know what to say or having an awkward pause in the conversation. Not feeling easy in the crowd where your voice is feeble? Not a problem. Plan some good activities rather. You can watch a movie or play a board game with your family at home. Try your hands at cooking some interesting dishes and do something that was your passion in the past. This will help you get relief from the stress of blabbering especially if that’s not your personality.


Get Help

Being separated from others for several months & dealing with social anxiety is not common for everyone. But if this social anxiety is interfering with your life & starts affecting your day-to-day activities then there is a bigger problem at hand. So, if you’re mental health has drastically declined since the start of quarantine or you are watching a loved one struggle, get help from a counselor, any expert, or to whomever, you are comfortable opening up to.

Counseling is the need for an hour because the prevailing pandemic has changed the vision for many. We at Collegebol can help you in showing you the way as per your interest and choice. You can follow us on social media accounts to know more.

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