Do classroom setups affects the learning of the students? Research shows that creative classroom setups increases the learning and productivity of students. They also keep students engaged and enhance their creative abilities. Each set up is suitable according to the level of teaching, class strength, and various other factors. But here are 7 unique classroom setups which will promote thinking and creativity, and increase focus.

  1. Clusters – This arrangement is suitable for all classrooms. Here one forms small clusters of tables, with 4-6 students in each cluster. This type of setup helps students share their ideas, communicate, learn teamwork, and help students learn how to co-work. It gives them the space to communicate and enhances problem solving skills as well.
  2. Standing desks – These are very common in artistic subjects. Along with freedom to move, standing desks are also very healthy. They help us reduce back pain, weight, and also helps increase the energy levels. The students can perform better and learn better as well.
  3. Differentiation stations – Have you ever felt that the teaching is happening too fast, or too slow? In this type of arrangement the students are ground according to their level of knowledge, background, and level of understanding. This type of arrangement is used rarely. But this type of arrangement is helpful for students to learn and explore according to their capabilities. Teachers can teach, and promote thinking and learning according to the students individual level rather than the average level of the group.
  4. Teacher in the middle – Traditionally a teacher has a desk in front of the class, from where they teach. In this method the teacher moves to the middle of the class in between students. She teaches from the middle of the class which makes students much more attentive. The teacher gets a wider scope to interact and can use it effectively to her benefit.
  5. Fish bowl – There will be a smaller circle in the middle of the classroom, and a wider circle surrounding it. The inner circle students will be seated such that they face the outer circle. The students seated in the middle have a role to begin the discussions like reading parts from a play, or solving some problems, or analyzing. The out circle serves as a backchannel. They do a fact check, ask follow-up questions, and provide feedback. Hence, here all students have a voice, and can express their thoughts.
  6. Flexible seating – Have you ever thought how great it would be if our schools had innovative seating and we could be more relaxed while learning? In this set up there is no restriction in seating. Students can choose what is comfortable to them. The setup can include various options like bean bags, couches, tables, standing desks, rocking chairs, etc. The students have the liberty to sit anywhere that they feel like. This arrangement helps them to be more relaxed, think, and express themselves as well.
  7. Makers space – A mix of google rooms and learning labs, makers space is the most stimulating setup for students. The space allows them to explore and think. It helps them to actually put the thought into life. In fact, it gives students a creative outlet. They can design, build, and innovate.
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Hence, these are the top creative classroom setups. One can also use a combination of these. However, choose your setup wisely and keep it dynamic.

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