With coming of technology, the students are going distant from reading. Reading undoubtedly is a necessary activity. Do you know the countless benefits of reading? Other than improving your vocabulary and knowledge, it also increases your command and fluency over the language. Hence, students need to develop a reading habit at a young age. Schools are the biggest contributors to inculcating such habits. Here’s how they can do it:

  1. Dedicated reading time – Have you ever felt so busy that you don’t know where your day went by? Students too are so busy with school work, and extra curricular that they do not have time to read. A dedicated time to be allotted somewhere during the day when the students sit individually and read anything of their choice. Generally, scheduling time in the morning is more fruitful for the students reading habits.
  2. Invite guest readers to the classroom – Guest readers can be any amazing storytellers. It can be parents, authors, and other teachers as well. Bringing them in will greatly induce the urge to read. This can inculcate healthy reading habits. Reading can contribute to the students holistic development. The storytellers will help the students to gain inclination towards reading.
  3. Host book clubs for students and parents – To intentionally create a reading friendly environment the teachers can organize and host book clubs. In such clubs, the members read books and hold discussions on those books. It greatly motivates students as well as parents to undertake reading and creates a strong community of connected readers.
  4. Organize author visits – When the students meet an author and know why, and how he translated his ideas to an amazing book, they will get all the motivation to read more. One can organize such author visits and give the students an insight into the world of books.
  5. Have weekly book talks – Book talks are another amazing way to help students read more. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis the students can share a review with their class, or standard on any book that they have read. This will allow students to read books that interest them based on the reviews and they will have to read certain books to give reviews themselves. Teachers can also participate in such talks to inspire students.
  6. Create classroom libraries – A classroom library can be very useful to encourage the students to read books. The students can volunteer and bring 1 book each. If there is a class of 20 students, each student will be able to read 19 new books. Everyone can rotate these books amongst themselves and later hold discussions, debates, talks, and encourage a reading friendly environment.
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Thus, Reading has countless benefits. However, with technology and ready availability of information, we are moving away from the books. They are an essential part in every successful person’s life. Most of the people who have achieved remarkable things in life, have been closely connected to reading and books. Keep reading and keep learning!

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