There is a thin line of difference between leadership and bossy.  However, some are born with leadership skills while some need to work upon it. One not necessarily becomes a leader when they have acquired leadership skills. But, it will help that individual to act better and have a positive approach. Habits can either make you or they can break you. If you are a victim of poor habits then you must change it before it masters over you. The nation is looking for youth who is passionate and honest. Moreover, a nation wants youth who can inspire others. We have listed 6 skills that will help youth in developing leadership qualities in them.

  • Take up mentorship: If you are announced as a team leader for some project or activity in your college, then take stop teaching team. Instead of that, you can guide them and assist them in accomplishing the task. Remember that when you are working as a team then the growth and development should be a mutual process. No one likes bossism hence, try being one of them who can show then the way. Leadership is all about holding hands and walking rather than just pointing fingers.
  • Behavior: Your behavior and attitude as a leader matter the most to your team. Trust your team and their ideas. It is better to listen to their idea and give them positive feedback. Show your confidence and trust towards them. Develop a behavior that will resonate with your trust in them. This will help in the development of bonding in both ways and it will result in better outcomes.
  • Take a risk, be ready for failure: Mistakes help you grow. If you have faced failure then you should face it positively. Your failures will help you to learn and provide you with practical experience. As a youth, you can take risks, look out for possibilities, and grab opportunities. If you want to become a good leader then you have to face failures and learn from them.
  • Act and not just communicate: Communication is essential so that everyone stays in the loop. But as a leader, one should not only speak but also act to enlighten team members. When you show them the goal, walk along with them on that way to achieve it. Don’t just command but lead them and make a way for them to follow you. Leadership means taking ownership of the way and facing the hurdle first.
  • Problem-solving and decision making: These are two must-have qualities in an individual to become a leader. How you can have them?
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Decision making: know the pros and cons of everything that you are doing. You should be able to judge and practice the best action that will help you reach your goal.

Problem-solving: Make a mistake and improvise on it by yourself. Think and analyze the situation so that you can get way out of it and resolve it effectively.

  • Rewards: When you accomplish something then you must reward yourself. Rewarding will keep you motivated and confident. Similarly, if you are leading the team then praises them on completion. Remember that your goal is to complete the task but rewarding is as important to keep the team and you in a positive spirit.

Imperative qualities, empathetic nature, and with a clear vision, it is possible to instill leadership qualities in self. It is the quality of the leader to take the team in the right direction. You can say that he is the main sailor of the boat who takes risks to keep the travelers safe in the worst storm.

Would you like to share about the leader who inspired you the most?

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