“To inculcate a reading habit is to reach a cosmic world”


A book consists of pages that drive you to the ocean of imagination and wisdom. It is a good book that intensifies a person’s intellect and develops interests in mounting elevations. However, a good book resembles a teacher who plays a vital role in the teaching-learning process. Books assist your brain to keep you active, engage, and consistent in reading and understanding thoughts. Moreover, it has an influential power to improve your concentration and reduce stress and tension. Reading a book frames numerous significant benefits that fuel a reader’s mindfulness. A good book accompanies the knowledge, creativity, memory, skills, consistency, communication, and imagination. Hence, we would like to frame a few reasons to read and inculcate the beautiful habit:-

  • Memory Improvement: Our brain is a marvelous space to stock all the things we perceive. And, reading books strengthens our memory, and holds the ability to explore and distinguish things. Although, regular reading eases in knowing the working elements and functions of the world. However, consistent reading assists the brain to draw the characters by stretching their themes, facts, plots, outlines, and depict the imagination. 
  • Expansion of analytical thinking: Reading boosts intelligence by exercising the brain and prompting it to think more. Also, the brain stimulates critical thinking and analyses the essential extract of a thought. Analytical thinking interprets the information into tinier sections to form conclusions. Hence, this helps a person to acknowledge the subject and concept quickly. 
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Reading thoroughly makes you acquainted with new words. The more you read, the more you gain and acquire better communication skills. Moreover, expanding vocabulary can articulate a person’s communication skills as well as boosts their self-confidence. Apparently, It helps to gain exposure to diverse writing styles, grammar, and concepts. 
  • Boosts Creativity: A fictional book comprises characters that draw a creative play in our minds. Diverse themes in a book help to adventure ideas that lead to the creativity of a being. Moreover, creativity increases a learner’s chance of writing exceptional ideas. Hence, regular reading helps a reader’s mind comprehend grammar, different writing styles, and contexts.
  • Stress Reduction: Do you wish to escape from stress and anxiety? However, reading a fictional book can help! Thought, it takes just a few minutes for a reader to fascinate and immerse in reading a book. Hence, reading is the most efficient way to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and gradually helps the body relax. A well-written book carries you to beautiful realms, fantasies, and destinations. 

Dear reader, we would like to suggest two books that will brighten your lives:-

1] Connect the Dots by Rashmi Bansal

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The book ‘Connect The Dots’ is a collection of twenty inspirational stories of entrepreneurs from diverse fields. It is a non-fictional book. However, the book’s language is simple, lucid, and helps a reader to understand better. The book is based on prosperous pioneers who are reflecting people’s lives today. Therefore, we recommend this book to you. There are some concrete examples that will inspire you to move on with confidence towards your goal.

2]Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam and Arjun Tiwari

The book ‘Wings of Fire’ is an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam narrating his tender life and his achievement in Indian space research and missile programs. It is the story of a boy from a modest upbringing who progressed on to become a big wheel in Indian space research/Indian missile programs and succeeding the president of India. The book depicts the thoughts and experiences which achieved laurels and crowns. 

Does this motivate you to become a reader? If you are not a reader then try to catch up with a small book and develop a habit of reading. We bet that you will never regret becoming a reader.

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