Are you a passionate gamer? Are you planning on making a career in gaming? In India recently there has been an increase in gamers. We have many talented players as well. There is immense potential in Indian gamers. Hence, we bring to you stories about 5 Indian professional and successful gamers.

  1. Ankit Panth (V3nom) – He began his career in 2008. With complete support from parents, Ankit is India’s most popular Counterstrike gaming professional. His journey began from a cybercafé in Mumbai. Later, he came to know that he can represent India in this field and he became a professional gamer. At 15 he formed his first-team – Team Warriors of chaos! In 2008, he and Rix founded Team Brutality. They won their first tournament together. Ever since he has won countless tournaments.
  2. Saaransh Jain – His journey started when he went to a local tournament in Pune with his friends. He had never planned to have a career in gaming. Saaransh was unbeaten for a long time which made him realize his potential in gaming. He plays professional FIFA. However, his journey has been one of struggle. He struggled between academics and gaming, which led to degraded performance in both. In fact, his goal is to become the top player in Asia.
  3. Krish Gupta (MooN) – Krish began playing Dota 1 at the age of 8. His incredible dedication towards gaming led him to gain MMR at 4K, at the young age of 13 years. Soon he started getting noticed in the gaming ecosystem. He also secured sponsorship from Esports. Also, this is an exceptionally inspirational story as Krish did all this at the young age of 16 years only.
  4. Aditya Singh Nathawat (Spammy) – Aditya began playing just at the cybercafé with friends. Little did he know that it is going to change his life. Once he entered the world of e-gaming there was no going back. Currently, he plays Fortnite professionally. Once he got the taste of victory his only goal is to climb up the ladder. Currently, he is preparing for the Fortnite WorldCup and working on his YouTube channel as well.
  5. Aman Vivek (Cruzi) – He started playing video games at the young age of 4. He began playing and got invited to a café team called GeForce Cup. Then he got contacted by Playerz eSports Hyderabad to join them for a tournament. They won it! Currently, Aman is one of the top gamers in the country.
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Many of the top Indian players began their journey by casually playing without a career goal in mind. In fact, their passion and dedication towards the sport have led them to be the top players of India. If you are passionate about gaming and are dedicated to it, make your move today and turn a pro gamer!

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