The future of AI is bright as compared to humans and there is an assumption that AI can replace many jobs in the future. This is the digital era and we are not far when it is going be an era of automation. Do you think that AI will replace you in your job? The automated robots have better efficiency and usually tend to zero error. However, people don’t want AI to replace humans completely. Although, there are many jobs that AI can replace there are many others that AI cannot replace. Have a look here for the jobs that AI cannot replace. You may want to learn that skill and secure your future.

  • Human Resource Manager: AI may help you in sorting the list of candidates but only a human can assess his/her skill. It is possible for AI to find out the perfect candidates as far as it is on paper. But, only a human resource manager can look into his/her dedication and work efficiency. A programmed robot cannot resolve conflicts or plan out of the box activities for the employees. Hence, the role of the human resource manager will remain unaltered.
  • Teachers: Nowadays there is much online learning software but they do not leave as much impact on students as much as a teacher can. As a student, you would not like listening to a machine. Teachers can give you a sense of belonging and pass on wisdom to the students. Students get emotional bonding with a teacher and not a machine. Hence, it is unlikely that a robot can replace a teacher.
  • Sportsperson: Imagine a robot running in a race or playing Volleyball for your country. It is always fun and challenging to see human playing rather than a robot. You would love cheering for a player who would react rather than an automated robot who cannot react.
  • Lawyer: Would you accept judgment from a machine? The subjective knowledge, opinion, arguments, and justice are what you expect and trust from a human rather than a machine. We believe that AI can never replace lawyers or judges.
  • Authors/Writers: Writing is about putting your thoughts in words along with the creativity factor added to it. We don’t think that AI/robots can ever take up this job. Humans have the imagination and power to think beyond which they put it in words. One would never feel the depth of words and language when it comes to a machine.
  • Event managers: When you want to manage an event, you need coordination and creativity both. Events ask for well-planned execution of ideas as per the time management. There is a sense of belief and performance when it comes to humans. It is a myth that AI can replace humans in the future.
  • Psychiatrist: Try telling your worries and concerns to Alexa or Siri. Do you think that they can understand? They cannot because they don’t have those emotions in them. Even humans who have not been in your shoe cannot completely understand. Therefore, there is no chance here for machines or automated robots.
  • Surgeons/ Doctors: Automation is taking over in the medical field but doctors need to supervise the process. A complete replacement of doctors/surgeons is not possible. A human surgeon can build connections with patients and know their concerns to the core. Hence, a human surgeon/ doctor would do wonders in treatment rather than AI.
  • Artists: Singers, painters, sculptors, or any other artist are creative people. They draw their creative ideas and make them visible to the people. AI has limitations in terms of imagination and creativity. Hence it cannot replace artists at any cost.
  • Priests: If you are visiting a religious place and see a machine performing rituals, what would be your reaction? It is odd to see a machine telling you all the Gyan and setting up all the rituals. You would never get that trust or faith when preaching comes from a machine.  AI cannot replace priests as it cannot build faith for itself in people’s minds and hearts.
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Overall, there are certain jobs that require the involvement of the brain and heart. Where the tasks are not repetitive but instructive; AI could not replace such job sectors even in the future.  Tasks that demand thinking, reasoning, and decision making need human support and not AI

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