Having a friend who has graduated this year?

Wanna know about some gifting ideas?

Would you like to send across some gifts that will make them happy?

Education is a certificate and a ticket to lead the world. Although, graduating can be a daunting experience full of moments, life-changing significance, and a part of earning honors. Although, graduation is exciting as it sparks hope for a bright future. Also, it invites a person to dream, and aspire. Graduation years are a roller coaster for every student. They are full of ups and downs, vigorous obstacles, outgrowths, but help one to strengthen them enough.  Earning a college degree is all about preparing up for opportunities in life. It resembles a big step in a student’s life, prepares intellectually and socially, a competent adult. 


This year graduation may look unconventional, unusual, and missing. However, graduation is the time to celebrate achievements and get encouragement to move ahead.  As a forerunner of a grad, it is a pledge to assist him/her in shaping their mind and strengthening their personality. And, the real world is more fun than the adults may ever tell you. However, at times you feel lost and unable to find the way. Graduation plays a huge role in assisting a student, to perceive the future with ambitions and gaining values gained. Moreover, life after graduation asks to adopt a humble approach, curiosity, and inculcate the customs of the world. However, it is very crucial to accept the consequences of failures in life. Also, and completely okay to face it independently. Success is the strength to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. 


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This year, The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, endured its 58th annual convocation ceremony virtually. Above 2000 students were engaged in the ceremony from the safety of their homes. They had their e-avatars walk up to the dais to welcome their medals and degrees from the virtual avatars of dignitaries, and the director. This virtual ceremony astonished everyone across the country. The unique ceremony was escorted to maintain physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Well, we are the well-wishers for our Graduated friends. Let’s cheer them up and uplift them with amazing surprises. How about giving them the ripe fruit of their hard work? Hence, we would like to suggest some unique and amazing gifts for your new grad friend:- 


1]A compact backpack– A backpack is an awesome gift to cherish. It is an amazing thing to give your friend and help him in his/her adventures.


 2]Diary– Diaries help you to cover most of your twenties and help you to understand your life situations better. One can write beautiful moments and can cherish them later. 


3]An Amazon gift card — An Amazon gift card is an exceptional gift because then one can buy their desired essentials.


 4]Food coupons– While you cannot treat your friend for his success, you can surely give them a food coupon and make them feel felicitous. 


5]A fit-bit tracker– Well, health is wealth and wealth is everything! A fit-bit tracker can assist your friend track his daily workout record. Moreover, it will help him stay healthy. 

6]A customized photo-frame– Memories are past parts of our lives and gifting it is a great choice! Your friend can insert his/ her memory with you or could attach his/ her beautiful moments. 


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7]Watch– Accessories make a person’s personality complete. And, a designed watch can impress your friend’s workplace or play-clubs. 


8]Kindle– Kindle is an amazing e-book to gift your friend. You can read it anytime and anywhere. Also, it can store thousands of books with a forgettable weight.


 9]Netflix subscription– Netflix has enormous and diverse quality content to watch and relax. Also, one can ease, chill, and have fun.


10]Routing Encouragement– The most valuable gift is encouragement to someone. Most of our friends may have lost their pathways, but you are the one to enlighten their minds and help ride their ways.

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