Unlock 4 began on September 1st, 2020 and MoHFW declared that schools can reopen conditionally now. The COVID-19 situation emphasized us to lock ourselves when cases were reported in late March. Since then, the schools and colleges have adopted the online mode of providing education to the students. However, there is no way better than teaching face to face. Though, looking at the safety parameters and minimizing the chances of risks; it was decided to keep schools and colleges shut. Things are shifting to its place now and people are coming back to normal life with the new normal parameters.

The Health Ministry states that online classes will continue till 20th September 2020 for everyone. Students from class 9th to 12th can come to school if they have written consent from their parents or guardian. The school and the students will have to follow all the instructed guidelines to ensure safety for everyone. This SOP (SOP for Schools to re-open) states all the care and methods that a school and teachers should follow to see that anyone attending the school stays safe.

Apparently there are many opinions and arguments regarding the reopening of the school. Students, teachers, parents, and school authorities have different viewpoints to share. Considerably, to some extent, everyone is right in their situation. The pandemic has turned us down in many ways and in some ways, it has lifted our spirit. Education is important and it is always better when a teacher and students can interact one to one. We have learned to deal with the aggressive virus in different ways and we all are doing it in the best way. Using sanitizers, wearing masks, and social distancing are the most effective weapons to combat the virus. We hope that with all these measures and some more; we shall eventually overcome the situation.

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‘United Virtually but Distant Physically’


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